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April Showers… at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio

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April Showers… at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio

Every month, the Lion Brand Yarn Studio creates a beautiful display to showcase its yarn of the month. April’s feature is Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton, which also has seven new colors (for a total of 14). The Studio did an amazing job decorating with umbrellas, rain boots, and (my favorite part) amigurumi birds. If you’ve guessed this month’s theme, you can probably guess next month’s! AND if you’re in New York City, swing by the Studio to see this fantastic creative display in person!

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  • Let’s see: “April showers bring May…”

  • Oh how lovely. Cute idea for a display. I hope to come and visit ya’ll one day.

  • LOVE the bubble umbrellas! and to think I use to use one going to school!

  • Hi,
    I just read that your studio is located in NYC, but I thought I had also read that you had a plant in Indianapolis. Is this true? I plan to visit IN next month and wondered if there is a tour available. I can’t seem to find where on your website I saw that now. Thanks……definitely enjoy the patterns and your blog.

    Zontee says: Hi Ruth, sorry, but we don’t have a plant in Indianapolis and our facilities are not open to the public. However, we hope that if you ever make it to NYC, you will stop by the Studio.

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