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Announcing our Fall Knit-Along Featuring the Wisteria Shawl Collar Pullover!

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Announcing our Fall Knit-Along Featuring the Wisteria Shawl Collar Pullover!

Wisteria Shawl Collar Pullover KAL BadgeEach season we host a knit- or crochet-along, a virtual event in which yarncrafters come together here online to work on one pattern together, share their experiences, and to learn together. There’s no need to sign up; simply follow along with the blog posts at your own pace as you knit your sweater.

We asked you to vote on what knit garment you’d like to make, and you picked our Wisteria Shawl Collar Pullover!

My name is Kendra and I’ll be your knit-along (KAL) host! I work at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio, Lion Brand’s unique retail and education center in New York City, where I am a crochet and knitting instructor. Click here to learn more about me. Each week I’ll have a post here about my progress through the sweater full of information I’ve found helpful and hope you will as well. This is meant to be an interactive process so please ask questions here and in our Ravelry group so I – and the other knitters involved – can help! I can’t wait to work through this project with you!

To get this knit-along going, this week is about gathering your materials so that we can jump right in next week. This pullover is made in our Amazing yarn, a beautiful wool-acrylic blend that makes smooth transitions from one color to the next resulting in a beautiful finished product with minimal effort from you! The fiber blend makes for a sweater that will be really warm but still machine washable, which is great when it comes to a wardrobe staple! This version of the sweater is knit in the Wildflowers colorway, but we’ve also made similar versions in Ruby Amazing, Martha Stewart Crafts Extra Soft Wool Blend, and Wool-Ease (pictured below). These solid versions make fantastic unisex garments!

Amazing - RubyMSC Extra Soft Wool Blend - Gray PearlWool-Ease - Avocado

Martha Stewart Crafts Extra Soft Wool Blend and Wool-Ease are both great yarn substitutions for this pattern because they’re soft, easy-care wool-acrylic blends. Vanna’s Choice is also easy-care and comes in a fantastic color palette. For a warmer weather alternative, you could also use Cotton-Ease.

As with any yarn substitution, you’ll also need to figure out how many skeins of the yarn of your choice the pattern will require. Here are the number of balls for our other recommended yarns:

Size S M L 1X 2X
Amazing 8 9 10 10 11
Wool-Ease 6 7 8 8 9
Vanna’s Choice 7 8 9 9 10
MSC Extra Soft Wool Blend 7 8 9 10 11
Cotton-Ease 6 7 8 8 8
Approx. yardage 1200 1350 1450 1500 1650

As an aside, if you plan to make the pullover longer, I would recommend you purchase an extra ball or two to make sure you have enough yarn. It never hurts to have extra (think matching hat!), but it’s such a bummer to run out of yarn near the end of a project!

This unisex pullover (guys, you can pick a solid color or a more masculine color of Amazing like Cobblestone) has a slightly relaxed fit, so a little positive ease (i.e., more inches around than your bust size) is okay. I think of this sweater as fitting similarly to a comfy sweatshirt, so you may want to choose a size accordingly. When choosing a size, sometimes it helps to find a sweater (or sweatshirt) that you like the fit of and measure this garment to help you choose a size.

Starting next week I’ll be posting my progress through the pullover, starting with the all important gauge swatch! In the following weeks we’ll work through the back, then the front of the sweater, followed by the sleeves and then the collar and finishing work to give you a beautiful pullover just in time for cold weather. So pick up your yarn and needles and come back next week for information regarding gauge and getting going with this wonderful sweater!

Please introduce yourself below–let us know who you are, where you’re from, and who you’re making this sweater for!

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  • Hi Kendra, my name is Marianne and this is the second time I joined your class.  I’m from Churchville, Pa. and am eager to start on the Wisteria sweater.  I think I’ll make it for myself first and if it turns out, my husband said he would like one too.  I have a lot of Vanna Choice and wool ease yarn so I think I’ll make it with one of those. Looking forward to the experience. 

    • how did the sweater come out in vannas choice and wool ease?

  • How much experience would you recommend to give this sweater a try?

    • I’m a beginer myself but would really like to give this a try. I’ve done some children sweaters and hats and scarfs, but totally could not master socks. I hope doing this an online project will get me up to speed. Nancy

    • This sweater uses ribbing and stockinette stitch (so just those knits and purls!) with some increasing and decreasing. If you are comfortable with those (or willing to learn) then you should have no problem. Plus we’re all here to help!

  • I’m Whitney from Ohio.  I’m looking forward to working on this sweater.  I may not stay caught up with the group because I have several other projects going.  I’m working on:  knitted sock number 2, a crocheted little red riding hood cape for my daughter, and a crocheted fisherman’s wool scarf for my husband.  He wants a matching hat, too, but I haven’t started that one yet!  So….I might be playing catchup, but at least I’m in the race!

    • Sounds like me–I have several other projects going, but this looks really nice, so I’m making it for me.

  • I’ve printed the pattern and plan to “join” the class as well.  My name is Juanita, I am from Kalamazoo, MI.  I’m a very experienced knitter and a spinner as well.  I’m going to use some gray alpaca handspun that has some turquoise and purple cormo wool in it for this sweater for one overall color.  I will knit it in a size that fits me, put it in our local Weaver’s and Fiber Arts sale in November and hope that it doesn’t sell so that I can keep it. 

    • Juanita, where did you find the pattern to print.  I cannot find it

      • Rnplc –
        click on the pattern name above, Wisteria Shawl Collar Pullover, it will take you to the pattern where you can download and print.  Easy peasy! =)

  • I’m excited! My name is Christina, and this is my first sweater KAL. I’m pregnant right now, so makin one for menwould be kind of silly, but my husband would look awesome in this. Yay for unisex!

  • I’m Kim from Maine. I’m not overly experienced with knitting but not a beginner either. I looked at the directions for the sweater and it seems okay until we hit the collar. I’m sure once I get there it will be fine, I hope. I’ve made socks, mittens, a baby bunting, and crib blankets. Hopefully I can keep up!

  • Hi – I’m Amy, from Michigan. I have never participated in one of these, nor have I ever knit anything as ambitious as this. But I like the style of it, and frankly, I’m a little tired of dishcloths. So I’m game for this, just hope I can keep up too!

    • Amy , I had a good laugh reading your entry.  This will be my first sweater and I am very tired of dishcloths and scarves.  I’m scared and excited at the same time!

    • how did you find this pattern to be?  easy or not so easy?  I want to knit a great sweater but im scared of things like this. 

  • Michelle from Arkansas I am another not very experienced knitter I love to crochet and have recently taken up knitting and would love to try this!!! I have the pattern saved and will be following on FB!!! 

  • Hi all. I am Susan from Kansas City, MO. I have done 1 KAL- a blanket and am ready to do another. I love shawl-collared sweaters… not too tight in the neck and you can throw a collared shirt under for warmth without it being all bunchy… I am stash diving to find the yarn for this project… not sure what color it will be…

  • Sara from Alberta, I am going to make this for myself. I will be following on FB. I am hoping that I will be able to keep up. I think this is a wonderful sweater!

  • Looks like a great knit a long!

  • Love the pattern.  I guess will have to get in on this.

  • Hi I am Karen from Illinois I have never participated and have never made a sweater it shall be a fun challenge.

  • Hi, I’m Dawn from just outside Chicago.  This is my first KAL and I’m looking forward to making this sweater for myself.  I’m tall with really long arms, so I have a hard time buying sweaters that fit.  This seems like a versatile pattern that could be worn with jeans or dressed up with a skirt. 

    • I have the same long arm issue… knitting your own allows you to make it to fit!  🙂

    • I’m Celeste from Asheville and I found this pattern on the Lion Brand website and knitted it with some help from a neighbor. I knitted it with Homespun yarn instead of the Amazing given in the pattern. The different pictures make it look shorter in one than in the others and I made a shorter version. This is the first sweater I’ve ever knitted so I think people that aren’t so experienced will like doing it. The shawl collar was a challenge and although I’m happy with my first attempt, I’m really interested to follow the KAL to see how it should really be done.

  • I’m so in! I can’t wait to stop by the LBYS this week to pick out the colors of amazing.

  • My first sweater. Glad it’s a KAL, you will all inspire me to keep going! (BTW- small world Amy M.L.- nice to see you here too.)

    • Was so glad you noticed me out here last night Marcy – I’m looking forward to having a knitting buddy!

  • Hi. I’m Brenda. I live in Texas near Austin. I will be making thus sweater for myself. Maybe later for family and friends.

  • I want to try this, but i’m afraid to…i used to knit as a little kid but once I learned crochet I stopped knitting. Trying to pick it back up again – so far all I’ve managed to make (and i’m still working on it) is a scarf in a simple basketweave pattern (just alternating groups of 5 knit, 5 purl).   Is this sweater going to be beyond my ability? I’d hate to invest in the materials and then just get frustrated…

    • Hey pia. My name is Nicole and I just taught myself to knit this summer. I’m excited to start a sweater since its more than I’ve done too. All ive been able to accomplish is a simple robbed scarf and some small pieces I plan on putting together for a blanket. I say give it a try. This is the perfect place to start something. You will have so much support and help. I know I’m looking forward go it.

      • Exactly! We’re all here to help out 🙂

  • woo hoo!  I’m excited for this.  I’ve made a few sweaters, but nothing I’ve felt comfortable wearing outside the house.  This time, it will be different.  This will be awesome!  I’m buying my yarn asap.

  • Hello from California! 

    Going to give it a try!  It will be a challenge, as I’m not sure I’m this skilled as yet.  We will see… I know it will be fun though!!

  • Hi I am Lynn from Missouri I haven’t knitted in over 25 years, I can’t wait to get started on this sweater I love it.

  • My daughter has been wanting me to make her a shawl collared sweater for a long time so this is perfect. I have wanted to do a knit-along for a couple of years but the patterns were all hard to find and expensive. This is great- SO glad I sw your posting!

  • Me again..  I’m all assembled and ready to go!   Knew that yarn from 15 years ago was worth saving.  (I’m a get-rid-of-things kind of gal. 🙂 

  • Hello there… I’m Shannon from MI, and will be making this sweater for myself. I LOVE the Avocado color shown in the third example but I’ll be using the Blush Heather Wool-Ease I have on hand to save some money.

    • I thought the same thing!  I loved that green but had to go with the blush heather as well :O)  There was also a pretty blue I liked too but had to have that pink!

  • I thought the next project was going to be crocheting!! You were asking for crocheting suggestions a while back. I sure hope you have a plus size sweater for us to crochet in time for Christmas….BTW I do love this sweater but I’m not a knitter : (

    • Hi, Kess. We just did a crochet-along, the Mesh Raglan Pullover CAL, which ran from July to August. We’ll be running another crochet-along after our knit-along wraps up.

  • I’m excited, I’ve made one sweater on my own a few years back with Light & Lofty but it was so warm I only wear it when it’s below freezing. I’m going to try this one for myself and hope that this won’t be the case with this one. I’m not really an experienced knitter but I do like a challenge. Oh yes I’m in Chicago & my name is Lillian.

  • Hi I’m Marie from NH, I ordered my yarn for this and it’s 15% off.  I’m so excited to make this sweater.

  • Howdy everyone, this is Sally in Oklahoma.  I’m thinking of making this for my son in University of Oklahoma colors for Christmas.  I’ve done several children’s sweaters, but haven’t tried an adult sweater.  Looking forward to giving it a shot.  He’s 6’4″, so I’ll probably need to add some on to the length.  Like others I’ve got a few other projects in the works, but hopefully I can keep up.  

    • Hey Sally – I’m in OKC but graduated from OSU – GO POKES 😉 

    • Good news is that making this sweater longer is very simple – I’ll mention it in my next post so tune back in next week!

  • Made this sweater knitted in the round last winter. I used the rainbow colorway.  I also do the sleeves in the round, as I hate sewing the pieces together.  If you plan it right, you can pick up & knit most of the shawl collar, except for the seam at the bottom!

    • If I made this sweater, I would be interested in doing it in the round, but I’ve never done that before. Could you guide me through it?


    • That is awesome. I hope you will chime in along the way with tips for knitting this in the round.

    •  Hi Wendy,

      Would you be willing to share your pattern for knitting this in the round?  I also hate sewing pieces together and detest seams so would be thrilled to do this in the round…

    • Hi – I’m Janice from Sault Ste Marie, MI.
      Knitting in the round is for me!!! I often combine the front and back to knit in the round as far as possible. My all time favorite patterns are knit from the neck down, but not many are out there. I will check the pattern and might join, but I have a crib- sized basketweave afghan for my expecting niece that has to be completed first! She is due in January…

      • Hi all…I’m Cj, in Wheaton IL. I’m an experienced knitter and quilter with way too many projects going simultaneously, and too much yarn and fabric in the stash. (I know, I know, you CAN’T have too much…but it is overwhelming sometimes!) I have knit lots of sweaters and socks, but have never participated in a knit-along. I, too, would prefer to knit this in the round. I have 10 skeins of Cascade 220 Paints in navy, dark green and a little bit of fuchsia to liven things up. I have already made socks in the matching sock yarn, so a pullover to wear with them would be awesome.

        • Hi – This is my first sweater but from everything I’ve read & heard, knitting in the round is the way to go.  How would I adjust the pattern? Or does it require any adjusting?  

          • I’m going to address working this sweater in the round in the next post, but keep in mind that the information on the blog posts each week will be for working flat. If there are enough of you working in the round then you can help each other out, but be sure to check the next post for some pros and cons of working in the round. Enjoy!

  • Hi everyone and I am so very glad that this was chosen for the KAL. I am in San Diego, and over the last few years our winters have been getting colder.  So I am going to make this one for myself! Looking forward to creating with everyone.

  • Hello… Angie from Iowa.  This is my third KAL with Lion.  My first was the Inishturk sweater, (which I entered last year in the Iowa State Fair and I won a first place blue ribbon!!)   I also made the Saturday Morning Hoodie (which earned an Honorable Mention at this year’s Fair.  🙂  So… I’m hoping this will be another ribbon-winner for me at the 2012 Fair!  🙂     I do have a couple other projects in the works, so I’m sure I’ll be running behind on this one…  but I love reading everyone’s comments and helpful tips along the way! 

    • Congrats on your state fair wins, Angie!

      • Angie, wtg on your winnig entries in the state fair.

    Hi! I’m Dianna from Kirkland Washington. This will be my first KAL and I’m very excited to try! I have a needle question about this pattern. I prefer to use circular knitting needles. Kendra, can you tell me what lengths of circular needles you would recommend for this pattern? I assume I would need at least two lengths for each size (6 & 8). Your recommendation would be appreciated. Thanks Kendra!

    • I’m not using circular needles but that sounds interesting.  I was wondering what length needles I needed since I’ve never knitted a sweater before.  I am working on my swatch right now and all I could find were really really long needles so it’s very awkward.  I might have to buy some once I figure out what I need.  Circular might be easier even if just going back and forth.

    • Hi Dianna, if you’re planning on using the circular needles, but
      working on this project in pieces, 24″ circulars would be acceptable. If
      you’re planning on working on this project in the round, please note that
      Kendra will be discussing the pros and cons of this construction method in a
      later blog post. For an in-the-round sweater, you will probably want 28″
      or 36″ circulars. 

  • This is my 1st knit along! I am very excited to start. My name is Kathy and I am from Rhode Island. I made a sweater similar to this one and I loved it!

  • Hello! Really excited to make my first sweater! Now all I have to do is choose a color….thanks for the whole week to prep! Pam from Sutton, Ma.

    • Hi Pam,  I’m from Sutton, MA too!  Just moved this summer.  This will be my first adult sweater as well.  I haven’t chosen yarn yet, but there is a yarn crawl going on this weekend where I’m hoping to get some at a discount. 


      • Wow, lots of people from MA on here.  I am thinking about going to the yarn crawl.  Do you know if you have to buy a ticket or anything?  Or do you just show up?  I’ve never done a yarn crawl before so I’m not sure.

  • I’m in.  I did the Saturday Morning Hoodie KAL that was done a few months back and that was a bit bulky for me, I definitely like working in a smaller sized yarn, so I’m looking forward to this. I’ve seen this pattern before and liked it, but never started it. A KAL will get me moving even with a lot of other WIPs on the needles (par for the course).

  • Hello, everyone! This is my first KAL and I’m REALLY excited! I love to knit and usually have something going. I just spent 10 days with my sister and she told me about your KALs and encouraged me to get in on this one–just in time! She’ll be doing it too! (Sherry, speak up!) She has done one other, but never posted. One of those people who likes to lurk in the background, I guess. So, I’m looking forward to knitting with my sister, even though she’s in Texas and I’m in Colorado.

  • Hi,

    My name is Carol. This is my first knit along and I am really excited about finally knitting something for myself that I actually keep. I too am in the middle of several projects so I hope to keep up. I look forward to being part of this. I am glad to see others who are looking to try something new and put the dishcloths aside for a bit.

  • Hi Kendra, I’m Lynette and I joined your CAL a couple of months ago which I really enjoyed. I live in London, England and so we don’t really have a good supply of the yarns you have recommended above. Could you let me know what yarn type you are using and and roughly how many grams of yarn would be needed to make a medium sized sweater? In the UK, yarns do not often have the yardage printed on the skein.
    Look forward to joining you!
    Kind regards Lynette

    • Hi, Lynette. You can easily calculate the grams required by multiplying the number of skeins required by the number of grams per skein. For example, the small size requires 8 skeins of Amazing, and each skein has 50 grams. 8 x 50 = 400 grams.

  • Hi, I’m Joana from Argentina and I wanted to ask if I need to use Lion Brand Yarn to join this KAL, since it’s not available here, and it would cost too much for me to buy it online. Thanks 🙂

    • Hi, Joana. You’re welcome to knit with us, even if you aren’t using Lion Brand yarns. 🙂

  • Hi, I’m Kathy from Elmore, Ohio,and this is my second KAL.  I’ll be knitting my sweater in Ruby Amazing, which I just ordered.  My question…I made the Saturday morning hoodie in the smallest size last go-round, and it’s really baggy, which was okay for that style.  I’d like this sweater to finish up with a bust measurement of less than 38 inches…should I experiment with smaller sized needles when my yarn arrives and see how the gauge works up?

    • Hi, Kathy. You can try this technique, but remember that this will also affect the size of the collar.

      • Hi I’m Cheryl from Texas. I also would like to make the sweater smaller. Is it possible to use fewer stitches? It appears from looking at the first part of the pattern that each size has 8 more stitches to begin with. Could I subtract 8 stitches and go from there? I’m also interested in knitting in the round as I dislike sewing the pieces together.

        • That sounds like good logic to me, but as Jess mentioned just be aware it will affect the size of the collar. If you change the depth of the armholes it will also change the shape of the sleeve cap, so sometimes simple changes lead to more changes you’ll need to make in the future. Another suggestion would be to try knitting it in a thinner yarn but following the instructions for a larger size, shrinking it that way. See Zontee’s post about using a different yarn to get a different size – she used bigger yarn to make a larger size, but the same idea applies for making it smaller:

          Hope this helps!

  • Hi! I’m Serena from Fairfax, VA.  I haven’t done a KAL, but I did the last CAL (Mesh Raglan Pullover, still finishing it ^^;; ).  I’m excited because it’s been awhile since I’ve knitted anything, but I’m sure it’ll come right back to me.  Also excited about this sweater.  I want to make one for my mom since she taught me how to knit/crochet, but I want one for myself, too.  Looks like I’ll be making two.  😉

  • Hi, I’m Susie from Tonganoxie, KS. I am new here and can’t wait to get started. I was on a hike this summer with my husband and I got so cold and he pulled out his wool sweater for me to wear, it was so warm that I thought I should make a wool sweater for myself. So, here I am. I am using some wool that I bought in Ireland about 5 years ago and I have been looking for just the right project to use it on. Can’t wait to get started!

  • Hi Kendra,
    I’m Doris from the Seattle area. I’m making this sweater for myself. If it quick and easy enough I have a daughter & 2 daughters-in-law that may get nor for their birthdays early spring.
    First time I’ve done a KAL should be fun.

  • My name is Amber and I’m from Kansas City.  This is my first KAL and my first sweater.  I’m making it for myself and maybe another for my husband if this one turns out.  I like the Glacier Bay colorway of Amazing.

  • Hi I am Darci and I am from Northern California. This is also my first KAL. Crocheting is my usual choice, but I am game to give this cute pattern a try and hope the community support will help. Wish me luck!

  • I can’t wait to start.  This will be a good incentive to stay with a project which is one of my weaknesses.  It will be like “attending” a knitting Weight Watchers!!!  Count me in.  I’m going to look for Wisteria yarn right away.  My name is Harriet and I am from NJ.  I am a long time knitter although I wouldn’t say I am experienced in difficult projects. 

    • The KALs and CALs are perfect motivation! I have finished a few tops and sweaters because of a KAL/CAL that I wouldn’t have otherwise without the friendly camaraderie and “competition”in my head. It really does help me stay on task when it gets hard or tedious and I would rather shut it in a cupboard for a month or two.

  • Hi I am Sandy from Georgia.   My first KAL project.  Making  for my daughter-in-law in Ohio.  Will use Vanna’s Choice.

  • HI! My name is Poppy, I’m in Santa Clara, CA and this will be my first garment and KAL ever! Yea! I have done tons  of scarves and tried many different techniques so I’m super excited to make something that doesn’t just go around my neck 🙂

  • This sweater has been on my list since it was first posted years ago.  I will not be doing it as the KAL because I cannot afford the yarn right now, but will be reading all of the posts for future reference. 
    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE KAL participants, put up photos of you or the recipient wearing your sweaters after completing them.  Helps with color choices and sizing.  Plus…….. I just wanna see what you made =P

  • Hi, Carla from Racine, WI.  I have too many projects going already but have always wanted to do a KAL.  Have been thinking of making sweaters for my son and his girlfriend for Xmas. Have some beautiful mohair in my stash that would be great for this sweater but I dont think she will wear mohair and of course my son wouldn’t.  I am moving in a couple of months and about half my stash is already packed but hope to find something I can use without buying more yarn.  Maybe I can finish at least one of my UFO’s (a sweater for me) by next week. 

  • I am excited that you chose this sweater for the knit-along.  Last spring I picked this pattern and my mom & I both bought the yarn to knit it.  Our plan was to do the project together.  But a number of things have delayed us getting started.  First, mom got married in August (she is 81!) so we had a wedding to plan.  And she is trying to finish a beautiful baby afgan she started.  So I have been knitting scarves while I waited for her to be ready to start.  Now we can knit with the online group.  Awesome!

  • Hi Kendra!  My name is Janet from Illinois and this is my first KAL…I can’t wait to shop for the yarn, the pattern looks easy enough and your tip to use a sweater that I already own to size this out is brilliant!  Thanks.

  • Oh, this looks good!  I’m joining.

  • Hi Kendra,
    My name is Olga and will be knitting my first sweater with you from Washington. I’ll make this one for myself. Looking forward to your class

  • Hi … my name is Lettie and I’m so glad this pattern was chosen!  I’ve had the pattern for a year or so, and just haven’t started it before now.  This is a great incentive to get going with it.  I love working with the Amazing yarn.  It has such a wonderful feel and knits up beautifully.  Gonna’ be selfish and knit this all for myself!  Looking forward to the journey …

  • Hi my name is Holly and I am originally from Wpg, Manitoba, Canada. Now living in San Antonio. I am almost finished my first sweater for my mom and would like to try this one. This is my first time KAl . I am excited  to work with such a diverse knitting group. It will be nice to be able to ask questions, if any problems arise. 

  • I’m Wendy from upstate New York. This will be a first for me! I have only just begun knitting sweaters, and have only done 4 children’s sweaters. I plan to make this cowl neck for myself (in case it doesn’t look so great).

    This is a great medium for a knitting circle!

    • Hi Wendy- I’m from upstate NY as well. Is there a way we can contact off list?

  • I’m Liz originally from Alexandria, Virginia but now living in Bremen, Germany.  I’ve been teaching myself how to knit on the internet so I’m very excited about joining a group all working on the same project.  I’m going to try and make this sweater for myself.

  • Hi Knitting Friends!  I’m new here and haven’t picked up my knitting needles in over 30 years, so this is going to be my winter challenge to make this sweater for my teenage daughter.  I’m going to try to get up to speed on everything from casting on to casting off, and hope I’m up for this!  I remember making scarves and baby sweaters for my first born daughter (now 32) and booties and hats too.  But it’s been so long that I hope I don’t mess up too much.  Sounds like fun. 


  • Hi, my name is Noreen.  I love this sweater and hope to make one for me.

  • OK.  It’s time I knit a sweater!  I’ve made socks and shawls and blankets and scarves and even the FiberTrends knitted/felted flock (knit sheep) but never made a sweater.  I do love shawl collars so this looks like a good place for me to start.  I would be VERY interested in a knit in the round (on circular needles) version.  I much prefer knitting on circs.  So would be interested in joining a sub-group if one should develop…

    Now, I’ve got to go pick out my yarn!


  • Hello Kendra, My name is Williamina and I live in South Wales, Great Britain and, like Susan, I haven’t done any knitting for a number of year, but not quite 30!  I was thinking the other day that I must get back to knitting, as I have really bad osteo-arthitis, and I am sure that the exercise will do my poor old joints a world or good.  I haven’t done anything like this before, although I have knitted hats for prem babies, which were sent to Nepal and Pakistan, where a lot of babies were dying because of hypothermia.  Hop I manage to do this jumper, as it would make a nice present for my husband, Mike.  He still has two jumbers that I knited hi, quite a few years ago, using intarsia.  One has a fluffy cat on the front, and the other has a Koala on a tree branch.  I keep trying to get them out of the house, as they are deffinitly looking their age, but Mike won’t hear of it!  Oh well, if I got back into knitting knitting, I could knit him a jumper with a picture on the front, then he might let me get rid of the old ond ones. 
    Well, enough about me and mine, have to look my old needles out, then get some yarn organised – question; what ply is the yarn you recommend?, as I haven’t been able to trace it here.  Catch you all later.

    • The recommended yarn, Amazing, is a worsted-weight or category 4 yarn, but it is a single ply made of wool and acrylic. The goal is a gauge of 17 sts over 4 inches on a size 8 needle if that gives you more of an idea. Hope this helps!

  • This is Vicki from Oregon. Newly retired and able to knit again.  Have not tried a sweater before so am anxious to see how it will turn out.  I’ve done discloths, scarves and many afghans but this is my first sweater.  Off to the store…..

    • Hi Viki, my name is Nancy I am from near Portland OR and in the same boat as you. scarfs, hats and acouple children sweaters. This will be my first KAL  I’m nervous about the pattern can’t read them very well.

  • Hi Kendra, my name is Marlaine, from Aguanga, CA. I just finished this sweater, using Wildflowers Amazing yarn.  I found it to be quite easy, only the collar gave me a pause.  I finally figured out what the pattern was saying, and it went together fine.  I have had many compliments on this sweater and the yarn.  Now olnly waiting for the weather to cool off !

  • Hi.  Lori from Albuquerque, NM.  Winter usually hits us around mid-October, so I’m ready to knit.  Been doing it for over 40 years.  This is a great pattern, and I’m looking forward to the project.

  • HI!  I’m Theresa from Fairfax, VA.  This is my first time here, and I’m making this sweater for me.  If it turns out, everyone I know will be getting one for their up coming birthday!  Excited to get started…

  • Well I’m going to try this sweater, it’s one I admired for some time now.  My name is Terri Clark, I’m from Illinois close to Wisconsin.  And it gets cold here soon and for a long time.

  • Hello everyone,  I just love to knit but havent done much of it lately.  I have made tons of mittens and hats and of course scarves.  I have always been intimidated by trying to make a sweater. But…going to give this one a shot. I figure I have all you girls to help me if I get stuck.  Not sure what yarn I am going to use..will be shopping later today, but have so many pairs of needles am sure I will have what I need.  I also have arthritis but I like to keep busy and with winter starting (live in NY state) soon, this will keep me busy on those cold winter days and nights.  I will keep watch of the posts.

  • Hi everyone! I’m Jen from northern VT. I have been wanting to do a KAL for awhile and when I saw this sweater I knew this is it. I’m more of a crocheter than a knitter and sweaters intimidate me. I’ve made a few, but none for myself. I can’t wait to start…. now I just need to pick a color! I think I will try it in the wool ease. I love this yarn!

  • Hi, I’m Maggie from SE Michigan.  I just bought the yarn for the sweater and am anxious to get started.  This will be my first sweater in 45 years, but will be a nice change from hats, wristers, socks, washcloths and throws. 

  • Hi, I’m Yvonne from Atlanta! I’ve been ogling this sweater for a while, but haven’t had the nerve to start!  I guess the time is NOW!

  • Hi everyone.  My names is Dotty and I am from Cross Plains Wisconsin, just outside of Madison.  It took me a long time to learn how to knit and like a lot of other people on here, I have done a lot of scarfs, bags and a few ponchos.  I have wanted to improve my knitting skills, and I hope I am not biting off more than I can chew in doing this project.  I would like to do it in the round as I have heard other people talk about.  If someone has the pattern in the round I would really appreciate a copy of it, or instructions on how to get it.  I am retiring in November and I have a whole list of things I want to crochet and knit.  I have been making hats for the cancer children and by doing that I have had tons of people wanting me to make hats for them.  Now if I only can do this project.

    • Hi there! I will be addressing the pros and cons of knitting this garment in the round in the next post, but as far as the posts I write each week they will be following the pattern as written for working in pieces. It does seem like there is a lot of interest to work in the round, however, so maybe you can all coordinate to help each other alter the pattern accordingly if you still choose to work in the round. Enjoy!

  • I have never done a knit along…hope it might be helpful to actually completing something.  I have started a few things and get frustrated and never finish.  For us newbies to a knit along …does this mean the pattern is included??? or does one have to go out and buy the pattern?
    Would like to make this for my tall, son.Eileen/Victoria BC

    • Eileen, click on the pattern name in the 2nd paragraph in Kendra’s blog… it will take you to the pattern on the Lion Brand Yarn website where you can print it out for free.  And you should be on your way to finishing your first project!  We’re all here to help you if you get stuck.

  • My name is Melinda and I am from Armagh, PA.  I taught myself how to knit and this week I taught myself how to do the cable stitch.  Going to attempt this sweater for a friend. 

  • Hi, I’m Bonnie, a long ago Californian living in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.  I have had two colorways of Amazing in my stash since last year, bought for this pattern, so I’m so excited to see that it is the subject of this KAL.  I’m going to knit the first one in Arcadia, which is for my daughter, who lives in Cambridge, England.  I have been knitting for decades and was the fastest knitter in Queensland in 2006.  I had planned to do the ribs and collar by hand and knit the body by knitting machine, but I might change my mind after I see how the swatch comes out.  All ready and rearing to go!

  • Hello, I’m Patti from Colorado and want to try this too!!!  On my way to get supplies.  Thank you for doing this online and I hope to keep up with you. Thanks again!

  • Hi everyone.  My name is Judy and I am from the Philadelphia PA area.  This is my first experience with a knit along, and I am anxious to begin!

  • I’ve had my eye on this pattern for a little while now… and I’ve been a knitting fiend lately, always having a project on my lap while I’m on the phones for my company, waiting for it to ring.  I love the style of this sweater, and now I have a reason to do it!  Thanks, Kendra.  BTW, I’m Rhonda, from the middle of North Dakota, and I’m going to make this sweater for me!  Been knitting sweaters for my DSIL & DD, and now it’s my turn.  I have some colorway Wool-Ease that I’ve had for a few years in my stash that I think would be just perfect for this.

  • Hi, My name is Brenda, and I’m living in Louisville, KY. I have a ton of wool-ease in avocado that I’m going to use on this project. I can’t wait to get started.

    • Hi, Brenda!  It’s nice to see another Kentuckian on here!  I’m kn Lexington, so we’re not neighbors, exactly, but it’s good to know knitting is alive and well in the Bluegrass state!

  • Hi I am so excited this will be my very first knit along. I have purchased my yarn already. It will be the first thing I make for myself. Thank you!! I am from Stamford ct

  • I just wanted to say thank you for this great sweater pattern it is my first KAL I can’t wait to start. I live in Stamford ct. I already purchased my yarn. This will be my first sweater for me

  • Hello, my name is Kathy and I live in Adelaide Australia.  We will be in summer over the next few months so sweaters (jumpers in our language) are not high in the list of dress requirements.  However, I love to knit and winter always returns in July.  I am about to visit the United States (I leave here next Tuesday) and will be away from home for the next six weeks, so I think I will look at starting the project when I return and make it for my American friend and perhaps I can still put up a photo of the finished product.  As all of our yarn is in “ply” (3, 4, 5, 8, 12) can you tell me what the equivalent ply would be for the yarn used in this jumper.

      The most popular weight for knitting and crocheting. An ideal weight for throws and many adult garments. UK/Australia approximate equivalent: 10 ply, Aran weight .”

      That information is always available, with each of our yarns listed by their weight category here:

      Does that help?

  • Hi, I am Laura and I am from Maryland Heights, MO (a suburb of St. Louis). I knit quit a bit growing up in the Twin Cities and now that my own children are grown I am finally getting back to it and crocheting. I am looking forward to making this sweater!

  • Hi Kendra, I Wendy from Yakima, Wa. This is the KAL I have joined, and I went to my stash, wool-ease is my choice. As a advanced knitter I have done the gauge and started the back. It will be a lovely addition.

  • I made a sweater earlier this year from Lion’s Fisherman’s, and I am wearing it now in fact!  Being a man, I had never learned knitting before 2 years ago, and I learned some things:  make the ribbing slightly tighter or it looks like a bag, and don’t make the sleeves too long!!

    This one I am making for a Russian pianist friend who likes really nice expensive things, and this looks nice and expensive with this yarn.  

    • I found the yarn on sale at the Knitting Warehouse (Beverly Fabrics Inc.)  for only $4.99/skein
      I ordered 10 skeins in “Constellation” and it was only $60.00

      Nancy (unemployed in MN)

      • That’s what color I’m using too 🙂

  • Hi! I’m Kate from San Diego (but my heart is still in Oregon). I like the pattern so I’m gonna give it a try. I’d also like to do it in the round so am interested in those instructions. Now I just need to figure out where to buy the yarn.

    • I’m buying mine at Michaels this weekend. I have a 20% off e-mail coupon (just sign up for their emails) so the yarn will be about $5.50 a skein, plus I used a 40% off coupon for 1 this week so I could start a swatch
      Cynthia in San Diego

  • Hello, my name is Nancy I’m from Portland Or. This will be my first KAL and I’m very excited about it. I saw the amazing yarn at the store a few weeks ago and was drooling over it, but didnt have a project in mine for it. I also am basically a beginner having only done scarfs, hats and a couple childrens sweaters. Oh…I can’t read patterns well. so I’ll need lots of  questions answered be patient please. ;D

  • Hi!  I’m Deb Outland, and this is my first Knit Along!  I love this sweater pattern, and am making this sweater for my husband, Wade.  I’m planning on using Cotton Ease, since he always gets too hot wearing woo and wool blends.  We live in Lexington, Kentucky.  Although I’ve made a few sweaters, I’m looking forward to making this one with the support of a group, shice this collar looks a bit challenging!


  • What size. Needles are we supposed to use? Did I miss that somewhere? I’d like to try this ..I’ve only ever knitted baby sweaters done in 1 piece.

    • The recommended needle sizes are 8 and 6, listed at the top of the pattern when you download it under “Materials”. Check back next Wednesday for my first post all about gauge and needles for more info!

  • Hi I am Vickie from Columbus Georgia. Fairly new to knitting. I love the looks of this sweater and my husband has made fun of how many scarfs and blankets are now in our house so….I have decided to give this a try. ( hope I can complete this and it actually be wearable! Haha).

  • I’m Susie from Woodbridge Virginia. My first KAL was the Saturday Morning Hoodie which I made for my Hubby. It turned out so nice I made one for myself. I think I will use Vanna’s choice, maybe dusky pink or teal might be nice. Who knows once I start looking at yarn something completely different may take my fancy. For all you first KAL newbies, relax. I got my yarn late and was behind for the first few week. I was also relatively inexperienced in knitting (I mostly crochet). The posts are always there to refer back to and the ability to ask questions and get help was fantastic.

    • I got my yarn already and have gotten started ahead of time. I choose Vanna’s Choice in “purple print”. I could only find 8 skeins in the same dye lot so I am doing the ribbing in “charcoal gray”. Gray is one of the colors in this beautiful varigated yarn. I did my gauge and found I needed larger needles so I am using sizes 8 and 10.

  • Hi – I am Rachel from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. I am knitting a throw for my son and daughter-in-law for Christmas so will not be able to knit along with you. However I earmarked this pattern a year or more ago for myself so will get around to it when Christmas is over. It looks beautiful – and easy to wear for those with last year’s Christmas dinner still hanging around!!!

    • The posts always stay up, so when you get the time to start this project you can still get all the tips and information from the KAL group then. Enjoy!

  • Hi! I’m Jan from Rhode Island. I participated in the last crochet along and will be making this sweater as a gift for my husband. I have knit a few things this year and I am excited to advance my skills with Kendra.

  • I loved the texured topper and I decided to make it insteads. Kendra, is it supposed to knit up extra large? The pattern gave the bust measurement for medium to be 45″. I’m usually a medium, but my bust measures 36″. Should I make a small instead?

    • Hi Julie, the Textured Topper is definitely meant to be oversized, but you should choose the size based on how you like your fit. Measure a loose open cardigan whose fit you like and see what the bust size is. That should give you a sense of which size you want to make. Since this knit-along will be focusing on the Wisteria Pullover, feel free to email our pattern support team at and we’d be happy to answer future questions for you.

  • Hi, I’m Karen from Massachusetts.  I’ve done two KAL’s with Lion Brand before, both very involved cables.  Loved them both because the pattern held my interest.  Hope I can stick with this one.  I love the style and will probably make it for myself.  Will be late starting as I am finishing a stranded cardigan for my mother’s birthday and need to concentrate on that.  Will keep track online.

    Happy knitting!

  • I’m excited to be knitting along with everyone. This is my first knit along!

  • Hi, I’m Jeannie from IL. I have tried several sweaters in the past but always end up getting stuck and never finishing. I hope following along with a group will help me actually complete a project! I am sooo excited!

  • Hi, I am Michelle from upstate New York.  I have knitted afghans with interesting stitches and cables, but have never made anything wearable.  I hope I can be successful with this.  It will be my first KAL.  I am going out today to get  Vannas choice.  I am alergic to wool but love the soft acrylic or cotton yarns. I am looking forward to making this sweater. 

  • Hey-I,m Beth from Florida. I printed this pattern when I saw it over a year ago  to make for my daughter who is at the University of Florida where it gets to be a lot cooler than down in the southwest area in winter. I already have all the yarn  purchased too in Amazing , so now there is no better time. Looking forward to joining in the fun!

  • Hi, my name is Ruby, I will be knitting this sweater in Lion Brand Avocado.

  • Hi,  I am Kristi.  I am hoping to keep up with this KAL.  I work full time and am a full time student along with wife and mother.  I am so missing my needles.  It seems all I do is homework and work.  We just completed new windows and siding and the house is almost clean.  It is never clean….  I think I may be able to do this.  I am going to check my stash as soon as I finish, because I think I have yarn I can use for this..  Very excited to start!

  • Hi there, just saw this “knit along”, it sound’s like fun and I love the pattern.  I too would like alternate instructions for circular. I knit and crochet, but prefer knit style for sweaters. Saw many comments from Michigan, I am in Oxford, Michigan, and ready to start.

  • I’m Karen from Pennsylvania and this is my first KAL. I’ve knitted many scarves, a couple hats, some baby afghans and even socks, but this will be my first sweater! I would never attempt a sweater on my own, but hope that through the KAL experience I will be wearing a new sweater when the cold weather comes! I’ve chosen Lion Brand Amazing yarn in Ruby.

  • Hi – I’m Elaine from OK. I have knitted prayer shawls, baby blankets and caps, and am finishing my 2nd pair of sox.  I have never knitted a sweater, but have several patterns.  Thought I would try a child size first then saw this and thought “why not make something for me?”  So, that is what I’m doing.  I am using Yarn Bee Enchantress in Royal Blue.  It has sequins in it and have been wondering what to make.  I may get behind because I teach and have TONS of papers to grade, but I will keep up with the blog.  thanks for this opportunity to learn something new.

  • Are there any lefties knitting leftie on this project-  No question mark anymore on my computer.

    • Hi Again,

      I ordered my yarn and will start when it arrives. (Wool Ease Blue Mist) I ‘ll be behind right from the beginning. LOL

      My the way, I am from the foothills of Maine.  Are there any left handed knitters that might be able to help me-

      This will be my 2nd KAL. The first one did not go well because of my left hand knitting.

      Nancy (SEA)

      • Hi Nancy,
        I taught myself the continental method of knitting this summer. I was working on a wrap and took it to an appointment. One of the gals there asked what I was knitting, I showed her and explained why, and she told me that is the way she knits and she is a lefty. I’m pretty good with both hands, but find the continental is easier on my knobby knuckles. I will be joining the kal, I have had the pattern and yarn since last winter. I have worked my swatch and it came out perfect ( thank goodness). Good luck and I am sure there are others out there with more hints.BTW, I’m Kathy from Lakeport, Mi.

        • Hi Kathy, I’m Janet in Oxford I was thinking I might try the continental method this time. It just seems to make more sense and have more control, I could never get faster with the English. And I am one of those teach myself people. Happy Knitting!

          • Hi Kathy,
            Where did you find the instructions on the continental method? I’d love to learn it as I’m not particularly fast using the English method. I’ve looked online but haven’t found any great learning tools.
            Thanks, Cheryl

          • Chryl, have you tried you tube? I can almost always find help with projects there. Good luck!

          • Hi Cheryl, I have a small book called the Knitting Answer Book by Margaret Radcliffe. I carry it with me in every wip bag. I saw the method and thought well I have to give this a try. I do knit a lot faster this way and my tension seems to be more even. I picked the book up at the local Barnes and Noble.

  • Is this for semi beginners?

    • The pattern is knit with some ribbing (K2, P2) and mostly stockinette (knit one row, purl one row) with some increases and decreases. If you know these, or are willing to learn them, that’s all you need! Plus the posts each week and your fellow knitters are here to answer questions. Join us!

      • Kendra, where do the lessons “begin” at on the blog? Will the blog posts just continue to increase? I just don’t want to miss the first lesson. Thanks.

        • Hi! They will be posted each week, every Wednesday, at Be sure to not only read the post but also the comments left by other knitters because we are all here to help each other. Enjoy!

  • I’m Natalie from Philadelphia. I’m making is for myself. If It looks okay, I’ll try another one!

  • I was all set to join the knit along, liked the sweater and the yarn.  Even printed out the pattern.  Then I read it and looked more closely, saw the set-in sleeve.  Never have had any luck getting that to look anything but BAD.  I only do drop shoulder or raglan sleeves.  Sorry, maybe next time. 

    • I’m sure you could get some help with those sleeves on the blog.

  • Hi all — I am from Washington state and this is my first KAL. I have made lots of hats,scarves, and a couple toddler sweaters so I think I am up to speed with this sweater. I am making it for myself. Looking forward to the challenge. I too wish it were knit in the round…however I would really like to improve my seaming so I will stick with pattern as written.  I do have one question….I don’t like tight ribbing at the bottom, how is best to handle that.?  Maybe use size 7 for ribbing or ???? Any help much appreciated.

  • HI I would love to make this sweeter but the problem is i only know how to crochet. is it possible to get this pattern in crochet instructions

    • Hi Angelina, we don’t have a similar pattern in crochet to this sweater. However, keep in mind that we alternate between knit and crochet-alongs, so check back later this fall for a new crochet-along!

  • Hi Knitters, I’ve from Newport, Rhode Island.  Hoping to jump on this.  Looking for a charcoal gray, to make for myself.  I never knit for my short round self, so I’m hoping to gain some insight into how to accomplish this.  Refamiliarizing myself with knitting after the kids starting getting older and I jumped into sewing and then work. 


  • Hi all. I’m Niki from Michigan & will be making the sweater for myself. I have always been a crocheter. I started knitting about a year ago. I have never done a knit along & am looking forward to it.

  • Marilyn in Kansas City, MO. I have recently picked up knitting again. Seems like I spend more time collecting patterns and thinking about knitting than I do actully working on a project. I am going to try this sweater and hope I can keep on track with it. Thanks for creating this support network. Maybe it is just what I need!

  • Hi, I’m Dianne from Johannesburg, South Africa.  We don’t get your wool here so have to look for something similar to knit this pattern with.  Will keep you posted!

  • Becky in Atlanta Ga area – My first knit-along and first garment attempt.  I love the style of this sweater so I will be motivated to complete.  I’ve even done my first swatch- yea for forcing me to complete it and it was on target!

  • Evy fron Puerto Rico. I’ve been looking for a shawl-collar sweater for myself. This is my first knit-along and looking forward to it!

    • Thanks for joining us, Evy! If you’re ever in San Juan, check out Madejas, which carries Lion Brand products!

  • Hello…Dawn from Maine.  Have crocheted many years and have been knitting more recently.  For last 3 years have knit hats, scarves, afghans and many moons ago I croceted baby sweaters  This looks like a great sweater and a good time for me to tackle a sweater for myself:)  My first KAL, love Lion Brand Yarn…looking forward to joining you all in this project!!! 

  • Hi, I’m Debbie from Rocky Ridge, Ohio and I just started knitting again this year after several non-knitting years.  I’m excited about this format for knitting.  Hope I can keep up!

  • Hi, I’m Eliska from Georgia.  I have only been kniting since Feburary.  I was afraid to attempt a sweater, but I will since I have all of this assitance.  Look forward to making the sweater and hoping my daughter doesn’t want it.

  • Wow, what a great sweater and I’m impressed where everyone’s from! I’m in Colorado at the base of Pike’s Peak Mountain. About a mile in the sky. Hopefully I’ll get some yarn this week and join everyone. 

  • Hello, I am Allison from IL.  I have never down a KAL and was actually looking for a knitting group in my area but only found two on the same day (a day i am not available – it is hard to fit into one since i have 4 children). Therefore this seems to be for me a good solution in the meantime.  Being in a group will hopefully keep me motivated and on task so i can wear this sweater this year and not next 🙂   I picked up my yarn today, from the local craft store that had a sale on Vanna’s choice (every little savings is a plus). Unfortuneately they did not have one dye lot but 3 and the worker was not too helpful . . . .my plan (and hopefully a good one) is to keep one dye lot for the front, one for the back and the third for the sleeves. 
    It is a bueatiful fall day for knitting!

    • Hi, Allison,
      To mix dye lots, it is much better to knit two rows (if knitting flat) from one dye lot and then two rows from the next.  Don’t break off the yarn, just carry it up the sides, making sure not to pull too tight or leave it too loose.  If you use different dye lots for each garment piece, it might look just off enough to look like a mistake. It will be worth your while to knit a swatch using the two row method, then a length with each of the dye lots alone.  Let us know how you get along.

      • Thanks, I think i will try this! I will do a swatch first. . . . .my swatches are normally just a bit off like a 1/4 of  an inch wider or longer. . . .is this enough to worry about?

        • Be sure to check today’s post all about swatching!

  • Hi, I’m Joana from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m 25 and my grandma Martina taught me to knit when I was 10. I learnt to crochet from a book when I was 19 and taught her 🙂 This is the first time I’ll be doing a KAL, and by the way, thanks for accepting me even when I can’t buy LB yarns. I think it’s a beautiful sweater, and I’ll make it for my little sister Romina. Spring has just started here then she’ll first wear it in next winter, in June 2012, I just hope she doesnt grow too much 🙂

  • I’m confused!  I sighed up for what I thought was the rss feed for the KAL articles, but instead, I seem to be getting an entry every time there is a comment.  Will this feed also get me the articles?  Or is there something else I need to do to get them?  It’s nice to get the comments, too, of course–I just don’t want to miss the articles!

    • Hi Deborah, if you used the RSS feed under the article, it is for the comments on this specific article. Use the RSS button at the top of the left-hand bar of the blog to get all blog posts from the Lion Brand Notebook (sorry, we don’t have an option for only knit-along blog posts) or just come back each Wednesday (or any time after that, at your leisure) to read new blog posts.

      • Many thanks, Zontee!  That explains a lot!  By the way, I’m a big fan of Yarncraft!  I’ve learned a lot listening to you all!

  • Hi!  I think I’m going to make this one for my mom for Christmas.  I’ve never done a KAL before, but I’ve knit several sweaters.  First time doing a shawl collar though, so that will be my new challenge.  For all of you who are intimidated by knitting sweaters, don’t sweat it they are not as hard as they seem.  Just take your time and make sure to get your increases and decreases right.  I taught myself to knit, have never taken a class, and my third or fourth knitting project was a sweater.  The first one or two were a bit lumpy, but still wearable and it gets easier.  I will probably be a bit behind since I’m waiting to receive my mom’s measurements before I get yarn for this.

  • Hi, I’m Sharon from Penna.  I’ve never knitted a sweater before so this will be a new challenge for me.

  • Hi! I’m Holly and this is my 2nd KAL. I knitted the Saturday Morning Hoodie last fall. It was the 2nd sweater I attempted and the 1st I completed. It made it really easy to finish off my other one afterwards. I love sweaters, so it’s a no-brainer that this is for me (besides, I hate to experiment on other people). I will be making the longer version in the Oatmeal color of Vanna’s Choice. The Amazing intrigues me, but I’m allergic to most wools.

    • Oh, and I’m from Indiana.

  • Hello everyone. My name is Lorrie, from Cape Cod. I’m excited to join along with my first knitting group. Can’t wait to get started.

  • Hi! My name is Lynda and I’m from Newark, Delaware. This is my 1st adult sweater and my 1st KAL. I am looking forward to joining everyone with this project. I am making mine with Wool-Ease Rose Heather. JOANN’S had it on sale today for $2.79/skein. The problem was finding enough of the same color with the same lot number.

  • Hi,
    I’m Barbara from New York. This is my first knit along and I am looking so forward to it. I haven’t knitted in years. I already did the patch and am ready to go.

  • Is die lot really an issue if you are using the Amazing yarn? After all, it is a mixed color way already. It doesnt seem to me that a die lot difference will show up with this yarn. I’d like to know for sure thought, before I buy my yarn. I’ve chosen Glacier Bay.

    • I’m having to use two different dye lots. I’m using Amazing yarn, but regardless of the yarn, I can never find enough of one color without having to use different dye lots at AC Moore. It’s very frustrating. They told me that lionbrand sends different lots to them and it’s not their fault. Regardless of that being true or not, I hope my sweater doesn’t turn out funky because of it.

    • I would say in this case where the color changes so much, I don’t think you’ll notice a dye lot difference with Amazing as you may with a more solid yarn.

  • Hi.  I’m Marcia from Cleveland, OH.  This will be my first KAL (and I guess that I’m already behind because I just found the information.)  I love the sweater pattern, so I’m jumping in.  I have knitted for many years but just basic things.  I made several sweaters ages ago but stopped when, after all that work, I wasn’t happy with how the sweaters looked.  I’m hoping for better results this time!  Knitting in the round sounds great to me since it would eliminate sewing seams, but I’m worried about trying too many new things at once.  At least I’ll be able to read what you “in-the-rounders” do so I can try it next time.

  • Hi I’m  Linda, Alexandria, VA.  I’m like Marcia from Cleveland.  This is my first KAL and I’ve not ever before been happy with sweaters that I’ve knitted.  Hoping for better results.  Ordered my yarn and it’s been shipped. Awaiting arrival to start that guage swatch.  Plan on following all instructions carefully to get a sweater I like – finished!

  •  Hi to everyone, I’m Shari from Southern California. This whole idea of everyone knitting the same thing at the same time intrigues me; so, I bought my yarn (Amazing in Strawberry Fields) and am anxious to begin. I’ve been doing quite a bit of knitting and crocheting this past year, but I am self-taught and sometimes reading patterns is like learning a foreign language.

  • Hi all,
    Looking forward to getting started on my first sweater!! As I read through the directions I am unsure as to what something means and was hoping someone could explain. On the back, the last set of instructions says, “then work even until armhole measure about 8 1/2 inches”. What does ” WORK EVEN” mean? Would I just, at that point, continue K on RS, P on WS until the armhole measures 8 1/2 inches?
    Thanks for any help,

    • Yes, you have that exactly right.  “Work even” just means to work in the given pattern (in this case K on RS, P on WS) with no increases or decreases.

  • Hi I am Connie from Connecticut. This is my first time joining any knit along. Picked out some Vanna’s Choice yarn because I liked the color, limited selection of yarns in the store I stopped at, and it was on sale. I would say I am a pretty good knitter but I tend to stay away from anything that requires seams. This should be fun!

  • Hey, Mia from Sweden here! m knitting along too, only I´m doing it in 1/4 scale for my BJD (ball joint doll)! What can I say but, The Smaller, The Better! 😉  I had to frog my first attempt though, as it came out to wide, so I´ve had to recalculate the sts needed and am well on my way again. Hopefully I wont have to frog it again!

  • How can I edit my information

  • Hi!  I’m Nancy. I’ve always been drawn to small projects because I tend to lose interest and stop.  I knit a lot of socks… my favorite. I’ve also made baby layettes, slippers, and lots of dish cloths.  I’ve always wanted to make a sweater for an adult… namely me!  I love the looks of this pattern.  I’m coming in late… I hope that’s ok.  I don’t even have the materials yet. I’ve never done a knit along, am looking forward to it, and am hoping that the interaction here will keep me moving on a larger project. Oh… and I’m from Fairplay, Colorado.

  • Hi, this is my first KAL and I’m so excited! My sister is buying me the Lion Brand Amazing yarn in Ruby as an early Christmas present. It should be here in 7-10 business days. I’m bummed that I’ll be behind from the start, but I hope I can get caught up. I’m also nervous because this will be my first real knitting project. I’m bored with dishcloths. I hope I haven’t bit off more than I can chew with and intermediate pattern!

  • FYI for those who (like me) who haven’t purchased yarn yet – just put their entire stock of yarn (including LB Amazing) on sale for 30% off, plus if you’re on their e-mail list they sent a 15% off your entire order coupon. This makes me glad I hadn’t gotten the yarn yet.  Now I can actually use Amazing (and still be under $50)!  Still haven’t gotten measurements from my mom though…hopefully soon.  Sadly, waiting for the yarn to ship means I’ll be even further behind.

    • Hi Heather. I wish I had seen your post before I completed my order. My sweater with exchange and shipping is $114. Definitely more than I wanted to spend. Does that site ship to Canada? I will also be behind as I wait for my yarn to be shipped 🙁 Looking forward to get started. Happy knitting!

  • Hi, I’m Janet and this is my first knit along and my first adult sweater.  I’ve seen this sweater on the Lion Brand website and have wanted to make it, but the intermediate skill level has kept me from doing it.  Hopefully having help along the way will keep me from goofing up.  I haven’t decided on the yarn yet, but there is a Yarn Crawl I’m going to in MA this weekend so hopefully I can find a nice yarn and not spend too much.

    • Hi, I’m Harmony from Ontario, Canada. This is also my first time doing a knit along. I just purchase the Amazing in Arcadia off the website because I could not find it locally. Enjoy your Yarn Crawl. Sound like fun 🙂

  • Hi. I’m Laura from Philadelphia. I was encouraged by my friend Nat’s post and am joining all of you in this adventure. Have only knitted baby sweaters and those were done long ago! I love the pattern.

  • I’m Anna from a little town in upsate NY.  Have knit baby things, afghans, sweaters, and socks.  Knitting is my favorite hobby – can take it with me almost everywhere.  I will be making it for myself

  • I am Shane from California…this is the first time I am doing a knit along and am hoping for successful sweater – I have knitted several sweaters before but they have never come out in right size ! I have done great with socks, afghans and baby things…I am planning to knit this for my daughter..and if all goes well, one for me 🙂

  • I’m Jan from the Thumb of Michigan.  Time to stop dreaming of knitting a sweater and JUST DO IT!  So happy to find this opportunity and all the support.  Even happier to get that Joann Fabric’s email for the yarn sale….got enough WoolEase in a demin blue blend for under $3 a skein!  Now if it would only hurry and get here, I’m excited to start! 

  • When I got to the top of the back I put the 38 stitiches that will be picked up for the collar on a stitch holder rather than bind them off.  Is that a good idea??  I bound off the 16 put 38 on a holder and then bound off the remaining 16.  My question is how does the front line up when the numbers don’t?

  • I have only just joined Lion Bran website although I have been knitting for about 46 out of 52 years of my life. I am not too sure about what the ply of the suggested yarn is but I am sure I have a suitable ply in my stash. If that is the case, I will join the group/blog just as something different. It will also give me something different to start as my current project is all but finished. Being on-line means you can encourage each other and, all being well complete the garment quickly. At least then I would also be ahead for next winter as it is currently spring in Australia. Happy knitting all! 🙂

  • Hi, I’m Marianne from Phila.  Has anyone come across this problem?  The back of the sweater measures 1″ longer from the under arm to the end of the sweater  than the other side.  I wanted to make it longer so I added 2 1/2″ to the sweater from the underarm to the end.  When I measured one side it was 16 1/2″ and the other side was 15 1/2″.  What did I do? Or is this common?

  • Hi all…I’m Cj, from Wheaton, IL. Have knitted since I was a little girl, stopped for a number of years and restarted again in Feb. 2010. I like this pullover, and am doing it in Cascade 220 hand paints, using 2 strands for alternate rows to avoid pooling of the colors (that’s working well). Also doing it in the round and adding a cable design up the front to the base of the collar. I have finished both sides of the front, now to work the back. Converting to working in the round is not difficult, but it is complicated to write it out. I just finished the “Paperboy” cardigan from KnitScene this weekend, and now can pay full attention to “Wisteria.” Well, almost full…my daughter wants a “Paperboy” too.

  • Hi my name is Renee from Chicago, Il this is my first time ever trying a knit-along project. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes out of my working this sweater pattern. I’m a average knitter with plenty of scarves, and hats under my belt. This first attempt will be for me and the next for my husband.

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