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And the 2012 Color of the Year Is…Tangerine Tango!

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And the 2012 Color of the Year Is…Tangerine Tango!

Pantone, the “world renowned authority on color” and provider of color systems throughout a variety of industries, has announced the 2012 color of the year; Tangerine Tango. Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of Pantone Color Institute stated,“sophisticated but at the same time dramatic and seductive, Tangerine Tango is an orange with a lot of depth to it.” Tangerine Tango is supposed to help you feel inspired and energized.  Even though some hues may be brighter than others, it’s friendly enough to include in home decor.  If you’re interested in seeing how Tangerine Tango inspired knitwear will make you feel, browse through the selection of  orange yarn hues below (please note that colors may vary slightly depending on screen monitor settings; if you’re interested in getting color card samples before investing in your yarn purchase, click here).

Wildfire- Tweed Stripes
Tweed Stripes
Wild Fire
Persimmon- Cotton Bamboo
LB Collection Cotton
Terracotta- Cashmere
LB Collection
Paprika- Quick & Cozy
Quick & Cozy
Paprika- Lion Cotton
Lion Cotton

Clementine- Cotton Hemp
Martha Stewart
Cotton Hemp

Syracuse Orange, Tangerine Tango
Hometown USA
Syracuse Orange


Circus Peanut- Sock Ease
Circus Peanut
Apricot- Wool Ease Thick & Quick
Thick & Quick

Jiffy- Paprika
Tangerine- Silky Twist
Silky Twist
Saffron - Homespun
Pumpkin- Wool Ease Thick & Quick
Thick & Quick

Paprika- Wool Ease

Terracotta- Vanna's Choice
Vanna’s Choice

Do you think you’ll be adding a Tangerine Tango inspired piece to your project queue (if you don’t already have one)? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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  • I would only work with the “hot” color if it was for someone else.  I personally do NOT like the color.



  • javafiend

    The only time I wear this color is when I put on my Flyers jersey 😉

    • Tinacarroll707

      Hi Java!  Looks like we have something in common. Maybe we think about crocheting a Flyers jersey!  Personally, that is the only time I like orange.

  • Portialee13

    Not for me BUT grandkids have orange in their school colors so may use it there.

  • Wildsagesheep

    I wouldnt use this color, I dont like orange. Too bad, now everything will be orange and avocado this year. UGH, guess Id better get the blues and purples I like before everything gets changed.

  • Pauleyswife

    That’s in my color ranges.  I can see using it with browns, beige, gold for wearables or home decor.  Reminds me of the flaming leaves of autumn in Ohio.

    • Fern44garen

      I am in Ohio..and those oranges are perfect!   a prayer shawl…lap afghan….a cute crochet purse…so many ideas…

  • Croknita

    interesting, 4 paprikas and no two alike in colour – makes on-line shopping a spin of the roulette wheel 🙁

    • Kristina

      Exactly why I’m so glad I have access to several stores that sell yarn.

    • Kristina

      Exactly why I’m so glad I have access to several stores that sell yarn.

    • Kristina

      Exactly why I’m so glad I have access to several stores that sell yarn.

  • MimiJ

    I painted my living room that color and it looks amazing! Recently moved from that house, but the tenants LOVE it, too. I can’t wait to paint the new living room. Oh, and my toenails? OPI’s Cheyenne Pepper (read: terracotta). Makes me happy!

    • Anonymous

      Hi MimiJ, thanks for sharing with us! I wish I could do something bold like paint my living room that color, it seems very inspiring.  The nailpolish I can do for sure- thanks for the suggestion, I love OPI!

    • Anonymous

      Hi MimiJ, thanks for sharing with us! I wish I could do something bold like paint my living room that color, it seems very inspiring.  The nailpolish I can do for sure- thanks for the suggestion, I love OPI!

  • Vjoneslmt

    Hooray! I love orange and tangerine is one of my favorite shades. It says, “fun” and “energy”.

  • Jdnussey

    Love it!!

  • Sweetbelle723

    Those colors look very pink and pink shades except for the saffron. It looks too brown to be saffron.

  • Sweetbelle723

    Those colors look very pink and pink shades except for the saffron. It looks too brown to be saffron.

  • Dguiliano

    One of my absolute favorite colors! It’s a great one to use in the classroom too!

  • Judy W.

    This is my absolutely favorite color……I love everyone of these!!!!

  • zany1

    Sorry, but tangerine and the other tones in this color family are not complementary to many skin tones.  I never wear any shade of orange because it clashes with my coloring, and it’s not one of my favorites.  I don’t know anyone who would wear these colors.

    • Momandgram

      Just as your coloring clashes with these lovely colors, remember that some of us have coloring that is beautifully complementary to this palette. As an “autumn”, I wear these colors and love them. However, pinks, grays, and other colors that may be stunning on you just make me look dead. We all have our own unique coloring and how good it is when we understand and make use of those colors most flattering to us. Isn’t it nice that we’re not all the same? And of course not everything we would use these colors for would be for wearing. Think afghans, (gorgeous in combo w/purples, teals), placemats, hotpads, etc etc. A pop of color to brighten up any room.

  • Jballard62

    Would love to have it in a ruffle yarn!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Jballard, unfortunately our Ruffle yarn is discontinued, but we have plenty of ruffle scarf patterns.  Click the link to see them  Hope that helps.

  • Crocheter

    no way!  not my color family.

  • Not quite very orangey, so I could probably use it in moderation.

  • fairlybalanced

    absolutely my color family. i love it!   Orangey red. This shade all by itself might not work for everybody all by itself, especially right next to the face, but try it blended or striped in with purples, teals, magentas, and it could be stunning. Personally I love the color and cant wait to load up on it!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Fairlybalanced, that’s a great idea! Blending this with purples and magentas would be quite stunning.. I might have to steal this idea 🙂



  • Horatio252

    Love the variety….spicy, bright, muted……can’t wait to try bolero pattern in these colors : )

  • Hills Capetown

    Love the Terracotta! I am a great fan of the colour.

  • Hills Capetown

    Love the Terracotta! I am a great fan of the colour.

  • Bellecon2k

    not for all the redheads in our family for sure.  unless we want to look like tomatos or pumpkins 🙁

  • Karenknits

    Well, tangerine might be this season’s colour (and about time – I’m sick of dreary blues, pinks & purples, and bluey-greens!), but even allowing for screen diffferences, the colours shown above are mostly pink or brown or neutral.  There’s only 2 which have enough yellow to even start to look like orange!

  • Sarah W.

    I’m not in love with this color, but I can see times when I could use it. Last year’s pink color (don’t remember the official name) was awesome and right up my alley! I made a purse from Honolulu Pink Hometown, and got a ton of compliments on it.

  • Susan

    Reminds me of the 70’s and thought those shades were unattractive then.  I can’t think of a thing I could possibly use those shades in….wardrobe, home…and my daughter would just hide it if I produced something for the grandchildren..sorry, but that’s the:”truth and nothing but the truth”

  • Nascar_cat

    We need an orange fun fur!

  • Suzanne

    Whenever I see orange, I think of the 70’s.  Orange, avocado, that brownish-yellow that defies description.  I can’t see me wearing it, but my niece would look nice in it with her darker skin.

  • Karen Erwin

    Mmmm…not a fan of this color either.  Oh, well, its not as if there are other colors available!

  • carole

    definately not for me—maybe for fall projects??  I would not even feel relaxed in this color, or colors, in an afghan!  Sorry. 

  • As with all colors (and all things) some will like it and some won’t.  I do like it a lot whether  It is an accent color or the main color.  Isn’t it great that we have so many choices?

    • Anonymous

      I agree Jean, it is great that we have so many choices.  And you’re right, it might not be a color for everyone, but it might provide a nice extra “pop” as an accent or trim.  I like your thinking!

  • Vivica_velvet

    I have just decided to do my bedroom colors in a natural linen color and tangerine, this article is right on time for me! Love…love…love it 🙂

  • Umilynne

    I don’t like any shade in the orange family. It looks terrible on me. I might use this color for someone else.

    • Loosepearls

      Think Hermes very chic!!!!!!

  • Sunflower54321

    I look terrible in oranges and reds. Last time I used orange was to make hunting hats for relatives. It was a hideous color, but it met hunting regulations. . .

  • Alisonpaddock

    Well, Broncos orange is big here but how to choose with so many great shades! I have an office painted the persimmon in the bamboo – love it! If it’s not your color, try it as an accent.

  • Violet

    I see 70s shag carpet. A bad memory. The only orange I like: orange life-jackets!

  • Taylor_xox_303

    i like the color, but im not the best at knitting or crocheting so we’ll see how that goes

  • Sunny

    Finally!!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE these colors!!!  Now I’ve got to go shopping quick, before they run out of these gorgeous oranges.  Especially love the paprika color.  I absolutely despise pink and am so sick of pinks and corals that look horrid with my warm skin tone.  Before the only orange color I could find was a carrot color or the neon orange that my granddaughters love so much.  Now I can find the spicy oranges that I have always loved!  I’m thrilled!!!!!

    • Sunny

      lol  There are several paprikas.  I meant the Jiffy paprika.  Also love the 2 LB Collection colors!

  • Bljackson58

    I love these colors!  Bright, sunny and remind me of tropical anything!  (Used to strongly dislike orange and didn’t own a thing that was orange–now in my kitchen, closet, beach condo, etc.

  • emende

    I am currently obsessed with mango, tangerine, butternut, and those intoxicating yellow orange hues. Vibrant and joy infusing! The colors inspire the stitches!!!!

  • Jmlsenior

    Very bold but would use it.

  • Jo Ann F.

    Perfect for a pumpkin hat for a little kid!

  • Bonnie

    got a sweater in the tweedy color for christmas. not something I would have bought, but have gotten many compliments on it!

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