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An Amigurumi Giveaway Made Just for You!

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An Amigurumi Giveaway Made Just for You!

AmiguruME cover

You can crochet animals, food, and practically anything you can think of as amigurumis, but have you ever thought of crocheting an amigurumi version of Mr. T or Bob Dylan?

We’ve teamed up with Lark Crafts and Allison Hoffman to bring you a great giveaway. AmiguruMe is all about taking amigurumi to the next level and creating mini-celebrities or even a mini version of yourself! The book goes through techniques on how to customize your doll from skin tone to facial shapes to the clothes so you’ll have an amigurumi that is right for you.

One lucky winner will receive a copy of the book, as well as their own amigurumi of Frida Kahlo!

*Contest ends December 12th.

»Click here to enter!«

*Update 12/18/2013*:  Congratulations to Michelle Pajnic and we’ll be in touch shortly to get your prizes to you!

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  • Stitch n Frog

    You bet I’d love to win this! I make Amigurumi to give to children when we grocery shop. It helps their mother/father shop in peace, makes the child happy, and I’ve become addicted to the bright smiles I get from the children (and their parents~)

  • Michelle Maher

    so cute!

  • sharon

    I so want to learn how to do these – the book looks like a perfect gift, too

  • Eri

    I’d LOVE to learn to do these….so many ideas!

  • Coollady1960

    I’m so excited over these dolls. I can’t wait to win and get started on them. I have been crocheting dolls similar to these, but having real celebrities to crochet adds more excitement. I know my people are just going to love them.

  • Amy Elizabeth Fisher

    Several years ago I made a cheer leader doll that looks very simular to theese and I still have her. I made it by looking at an old ratty doll that had been knited. I would love to win!

  • Norma Stanforth

    I would love to win this. I like to make dolls and bears and animals, but i lost my patterns when i moved and haven’t found any like them. Thank you and God bless you.

  • bigpat

    Drat, I can’t get the site to let me enter. The last question won’t register. Wah!

  • Linda

    I would love this book but I can’t get in to enter. Drat!

  • Mary Hinchman

    I’m signed up for the beginning Craftsy class so this would be great to add to the collection

  • rose


    • Michelle

      Contest ends Dec 12th, actually. You can still enter 🙂

  • woofnwooly

    I’d love to win this and make copies of my friends for next Christmas, what great pressies they would make!

  • Peggy

    Squeal! Already have this book but would LOVE Frida. Big fan of both Frida and Allison. Go Austin!

  • elenute chovanskiiene

    Thank you and God bless you.

  • Tracy

    I definitely would find this quite fun to do!

  • Vicki

    Who is the person on the right?

    • The person pictured on the far right of the AmiguruMe cover is Frida Kahlo!

      • Vicki

        Thank you!

  • Vicki

    grrrr…it won’t let us enter because it won’t let us select a newsletter option.

    • It’s important to make sure that popups are enabled. Sometime this can be an issue for some web browsers, Hope this helps.

  • CrochetStef

    I would buy this if I had the opportunity, even if I don’t win. I have a few ideas that I could transform these dolls into!

  • Olga

    Wow, I would like to get this book because I want to learn how to crochet dolls. I really want to crochet 2 dolls for my two little granddaughters.