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All-Stars Among Us

While I was traveling through the Midwest last week, I was able to catch some of the MLB All-Star baseball game. Before the game began they played a video called “All-Stars Among Us” that was introduced by President Barack Obama, featured the last five living Presidents of the United States, and honored everyday people who make a difference in others’ lives. To my surprise one of the “all stars” mentioned was crocheting. I was so excited to see our industry represented in this undertaking before such a large national audience. The amazing woman featured in the video was Christine Shively who founded a charitable organization called “Knots of Love”. This charity is dedicated to making hats for those who have lost their hair due to their battle with cancer. Since she started the organization in 2007 she has donated over 21,000 caps.

We at Lion Brand commend Christine and all other who dedicate their lives to giving back for their efforts to help bring happiness and warmth to so many deserving people. This video truly touched my heart as I hope it will do the same for all of you.

(To see Christine’s 20 second clip fast forward to 3 min and 30 second portion of the video.)

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  • Jack,
    Thank you so much your kind words. We are incredibly fortunate to help so many worthy people. Thanks for everything you do in helping to spread the Knots-of-Love word!

    With Knots-of-xxxx,

    KOL Founder

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