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Advanced Crochet Techniques Part Three: Textured Stitches

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Advanced Crochet Techniques Part Three: Textured Stitches

Crocheters, are you craving more ways to add texture to your projects after last week’s post on crochet cables? The options for adding texture to your crochet work are seemingly endless, but I’ve rounded up a few good options here for this week’s advanced crochet techniques feature.

For starters, have you used our StitchFinder in the Learning Center? It’s a really awesome tool for when you want to learn a new technique or motif without necessarily tackling a whole larger project. Some of the sampler squares and motifs even make for perfect practice projects that can ultimately be stitched together in a sampler throw or pillow. I rounded up four of the best StitchFinder tutorials for adding texture to crochet.

 Post Stitch Spoke Wheel Motif Popcorn Sampler Square

Spiral Crochet Block
Petite Popcorn Sampler Square Spiral Crochet Block

Think you’re ready to tackle some textured crochet in your next project? Try these patterns and let us know how they work out for you!

Image of Textured Beret  Image of Textured Bag
Textured Beret Textured Bag
Image of Joan Scarf Image of Baby Popcorn Afghan
Joan Scarf Baby Popcorn Afghan

How will you use these new skills? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Those top two swatches would make great wash clothes and dish rags.

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