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Adorable Mug Cozies that Make Great Quick Gifts

We all like to think we're going to plan every single handmade gift well in advance and have everything done in time, but sometimes things slip through the cracks. Or maybe we get invited to a last-minute party and have nothing to bring. That's when it's great to turn to the really tiny, yet still thoughtful and useful, gifts. Mug and cup cozies are perfect for this!

Those little cardboard sleeves you get with every takeout coffee add up, environmentally, and aren't very exciting to look at. So how about a colorful, reusable knit or crochet cozy for your latte? Just remember to take it off before you throw the cup away! You can make one of these in an evening (or less, depending on how fast you are) and can get several out of a single skein of yarn -- or use a pack of Bonbons® and make them multicolored.

Diana Mug Cozies (Crochet) by Divine Debris
To-Go Cozy (Knit) by Christine Marie Chen
Cup Cozy (Knit) by Paula Levy
Crown Coffee Cozy (Knit) by Susan Cornish
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