Lion Brand Notebook ®

About Lorena

What do you do at Lion Brand?
I am the Marketing Content Coordinator here at Lion Brand. I help manage our blog posts and email newsletters.

When did you start working at Lion Brand?
I joined the team in May 2015 — I’m excited to see what lies ahead!

What do you do when you’re not working at Lion Brand?
I love splitting my time between catching up on my favorite television shows (Mad Men’s a fave, sad to see it end!), visiting new exhibits at the Met, and scouring book sales to add to my personal library.

What is your earliest yarn memory?
My mom used to pick knitting back up every time my grandmother came to visit from Colombia. From picking out yarn, to discussing what they’d make, it was always a family tradition. After years of never joining in, I’ve finally been able to craft some knits of my own!

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