Lion Brand Notebook ®

About Us

Lion Brand is a family owned and operated business and the oldest American hand-knitting yarn brand, established in 1878. While we may be old, we are not old-fashioned. The Lion Brand website was launched as a single page in 1995.  Our site has grown with the help of input from you; we have learned a lot by listening.

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With this blog, the Lion Brand Notebook, we’re hoping to connect with you in another way, bringing you regular updates on what’s happening inside Lion Brand, taking you with us when we travel, and sharing our discoveries about what’s happening in the yarn world with you. Hopefully, this will be a conversation and we’ll hear from you as well. We welcome your comments and your suggestions. You’ll be able to respond to our posts and to each other in the Notebook. (Please read the Rules of Engagement for more on participating.)

Many people think we are a large corporation because we sell to a number of large chain stores but we are are a small company–a tightly knit, family environment, where people are passionate about their jobs. Most of the people who work here know how to knit or crochet.

We’d like to welcome you to visit with us through this Notebook and hope you’ll become part of our extended family.