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A Website We Think You’ll Like


We met the folks at Instructables a few years ago when we first exhibited at Maker Faire in California.  The owners are a husband and wife team, Christy Canida and Eric Wilhelm,  who created a site 4 years ago that aims to provide how-to instructions on…well just about everything.  In addition to crafting ideas, there are recipes for homemade pizza or vegan desserts,  instructions for building anything from a robot to an electric bike, and how-tos for doing magic tricks or building a side table with a lamp in it. You can really get lost exploring the Instructables website.

When I was in San Francisco for the Web 2.0 conference, I visited the Instructables office, where I found Christy at work on her computer while she got her daily exercise on a treadmill-desk she created.  Christy took a break from her work and exercise to show me a helmet she was crocheting out of paracord.  Yes, that’s parachute cord!

We have run several contests with Instructables, including one where people were invited to submit a slide show of  out-of-this-world yarn creations.  Here’s a link to the winners of that contest.

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