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A Very Late Gift

While most people are looking forward to the holidays and holiday gift making, I am looking back on last year’s gifts. And I don't have to look back too far. It's August and I just finished my last Christmas 2008 gift. Let me explain. Every year my friends and I have a holiday party where we play White Elephant: everyone brings one gift; each person picks a number out of a hat and goes in order picking a gift, but they can pick a wrapped gift or "steal" from someone who has already opened a gift.

My gift was a ball of yarn with a note that the recipient could pick anything (within reason) for me to custom knit for her. After being "stolen" the maximum number of times, my friend who received it looked at patterns with me and decided on the Brooke's Column of Leaves Scarf on Ravelry.

She picked her yarn (Vanna's Choice in Mustard) and I told her I could have it within a couple weeks. But as it turns out she was leaving for Europe before I could finish the scarf. So the scarf was hibernating while I worked on other holiday projects, and spring and summer projects, until a couple weeks ago. Finally, the scarf is finished, just in time for her return to New York.

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