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A Very Heartfelt Giveaway!

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A Very Heartfelt Giveaway!


In recognition of American Heart Month, we’ve partnered up with Laura Zander and Sixth & Spring Books to bring you a very special giveaway.  Stitch Red is a book series created to raise awareness around heart disease and preventive heart health in general. A portion of each sale goes towards HeartTruth®, a public awareness program sponsored by the National Institutes of Health.  

Their most recent book, Crochet Red is full of beautiful crochet projects paired with heartwarming stories from prominent faces within the crochet world, including our beloved Vanna White.  

To celebrate Laura Zander’s third book, we have two offerings: 1) we’re sharing an exclusive pattern: the Mitered Brick Throw, and 2) we’re giving you a chance to win a copy of the book and enough yarn to make the Mitered Brick Throw! We’ll be picking three lucky winners on February 28th–enter now and good luck!

»Click here to enter!«

Updated 3/3/14: Congratulations to Elaine Harper, Shannon Sowalter, and Jan Bennett! We’ll be contacting you shortly to get your prizes to you!

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  • […] to make the Mitered Brick Throw! They’llbe picking three lucky winners on February 28th–enter now and good […]

  • What a beautiful throw….so colorful.

  • Would love to win, that throw is beautiful

  • It is so wonderful that Lion Brand joined forces with Laura Zander and Sixth & Spring Books to create “Crochet Red” for the Stitch Red book series. In addition to being a crocheter & knitter for over 36 years, I also received a heart transplant in June of 2009, so this book truly caught my eye (and stole my heart — ha ha!). I truly look forward to adding this book (and Knit Red and Sew Red) to my pattern collection.

    My “Heart Rock” creation and my “Heart-ghan” (work-in-progress!) crochet projects below were both inspired by my cardiac adventures. They are dedicated to & celebrate the memory of my donor angel and every other donor who have given the most precious life-saving gifts to people like me. 0:-) I am so very blessed to still be alive, and am humbly & eternally grateful to my donor angel and to every donor who has provided life-saving gifts to others like me. Once again, thank you for the creation of your entire Stitch Red book series. <3

    • Wow, these are really cool. I love the “real looking” heart. You are very good.

      • Thank you, Kris — you are too kind! 🙂 The heart was crocheted around an old, smooth rock that had been lying on a shelf in the garage, and I just referred to various schematic diagrams of the human heart to cro-struct it (this was truly a “controlled free-form” crochet project).

        I really love to play with my hooks , needles and fibers, truth be known. I’ve crocheted/knitted with yarn, thread, fabric strips, and wire, and have made various things ranging from doilies to afghans, clothing to food (pizza, sandwich, burger, etc). Crocheting & knitting have been a collective blessing from God for me, AND they’re both MUCH less expensive than a psychiatrist. (ha ha ha)

        Take care, have a great week, and once again, thank you and God bless you for your comment — that means I must be doing something right… 😀

  • Would love to enter (and win!) but just a blank page on my iPad when I “click here to enter” Help!

    • Try making sure you have pop-ups enabled. Sometimes this can be an issue.

  • love the color of this throw….wouldn’t mind wrapping myself up in it now..!

  • Beautiful. I have been wanting to try a mitered pattern.

  • What an abundance of color,love,love,love! Makes me smile ^_^

  • Beautiful colors and design in the throw and lots of projects – what a great giveaway book!

  • Wow, absolutely beautiful red choices, thank you.

  • Love to win this. I love your yarn!

  • I love red…..beautiful mitered throw….

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