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A Thank You to Our Writers & Their Top Posts!

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A Thank You to Our Writers & Their Top Posts!

All year long, we’ve shared our own yarn wisdom through our favorite patterns, tips and tricks of the trade, and videos. We’ve also featured columns from writers we think add a dose of humor, help, and advice to your crafting.

We’ve rounded up this year’s top posts as written by contributing bloggers. Check out our top 5!:

She Was Told She Would Never Knit Or Crochet Again … So Here’s What She Did. – This post brought awareness to a problem many knitters and crocheters face; Colette Smith offers relief with hand exercises that are great for any crafter.

Pocket Prayer Shawls Provide Portable Comfort by Kathryn Vercillo – The power of a prayer shawl in the palm of your hand; this surprisingly simple gift was popular among so many crafters who wanted to share comfort with their crafts.

A Brief Guide to Lesser-Known Yarn Superstitions by Franklin Habit – The endlessly funny Franklin Habit demystified a few yarn-isms in this column.

Flattering Sweater Styles For Women Of Every Age by Selma Moss-Ward  – Trends may come and go, but style is always in. In this post, Selma Moss-Ward chose her favorite timeless Lion Brand patterns.

Tamara Kelly Shares 15 Quick & Easy Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season – Popular blogger Moogly, aka Tamara Kelly, is always on top when it comes to trends in crocheting and knitting. Here, she curated a gift guide that you can use for this and next year!

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