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A Special Event at FIT

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A Special Event at FIT

It’s not often I have an opportunity to write on the blog as my family and business responsibilities keeps me quite busy. I thought it appropriate to share about an event that was very special to the Blumenthal family and those that knew my father, Isidor Blumenthal, of blessed memory (1909-2003) that took place last Monday, April 20, 2009.

At the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City, a division of the State University of New York, Lion Brand Yarn dedicated a seminar room to Isidor Blumenthal. In addition to being my father, Isidor was President of Lion Brand Yarn from 1957 until his passing in December 2003. He was truly the driving force behind our family and family businesses – Lion Brand Yarn Company and Orchard Yarn & Thread, Inc.

My father was a soft-spoken, modest individual with a passion for education. The importance of learning and teaching were among the most essential things in the world to him. It is most gratifying to have a seminar room named after him at an institution of higher learning and one that he thought so much of and to which he and our company are connected.

Dr. Joyce Brown, President of FIT, and Lisa Braverman, Dean of Students, spoke at the dedication regarding Lion Brand Yarn and its affiliation with FIT through scholarships, the endowment of the seminar room, and, on the occasion of Lion Brand Yarn’s 125th anniversary in 2003, by sponsoring an exhibit at the FIT museum.

During her remarks, Dr. Brown announced the establishment of a new award by Lion Brand Yarn for the student that shows the most creativity in hand knitting and/or crochet in the field of textiles.

We at Lion Brand are blessed with a wonderful heritage of helping others and providing a superior quality products that people enjoy working with.

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  • This is exciting. First of all it’s inspiring to know that Lion Brand is supporting new fiber artists. Secondly it’s fantastic to hear more about the background of Lion (the company), to see you as a family business and to be allowed to hear you say how proud you are to do what you do. Is that sappy? How about this? I’m glad you’re out there!

  • What a wonderful post and tribute to the Blumenthal family. As a listener to the Lion Brand podcast, I have heard the interview with the current president of Lion Brand who projects the same sensitivity about which he speaks in regard to his father. It is a testimonial to the American entrepreneurial business spirit that a family business like Lion Brand has not merely survived but continutes to thrive, and remains a mainstay of the needlecrafters’ universe.

  • Echoing Sue and Kate above, it is wonderful to hear about Lion Brand’s early beginnings. It is equally wonderful to hear a parent’s child speak so glowingly and with such obvious respect about them. Your father must have been an exceptional person and model. Thank you so much for sharing with your customers about Lion Brand’s establishment and the people that lead it’s ventures into education and the disciplines of fiber and textile arts.

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