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A Perfect Gift for the Pisces Who Always Gives

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A Perfect Gift for the Pisces Who Always Gives


When it comes to birthday gifts, what better gift than one that’s personalized based on the birth date itself?  We’ve created twelve scarves inspired by the zodiac signs and their meanings to make it easy for you to choose a thoughtful and worthwhile birthday gift.

Those of is with birthdays that fall between February 20th and March 20th are born under the sign of Pisces. Represented by two fish, Pisces are known for having a well-balanced mindset. They use their craft to keep stress levels low and to keep them focused on their daily tasks.  They’re often shy and many like to express their creativity with a handmade knit or crochet item.

Pisces are described as compassionate and charitable. Those born under this sign love to give handmade gifts just to see the smile it brings; their selfless devotion to others and to everything they do, including their craft, is what attracts so many to Pisces people.

The colors in our Pisces scarf were inspired by the aquamarine gemstone, the birthstone for March babies. Our Pisces Zodiac scarf is composed of  “go with the flow” blues complemented with Kelly and Dusty greens.

Why not surprise a Pisces you love with this knit or crochet  scarf? It’s sure to be a cherished gift for the special giver in your life …

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  • Is there some link to a photo of the knit wersion of the Zodiac scarf? all i’ve been able to find are ones of the crochet version.

    • The pictures shown are of the crochet version only, but the knit version will create the same wedge effect. Hope this helps.

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