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A Night with the Westchester Knitting Guild

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A Night with the Westchester Knitting Guild

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of speaking to the wonderful women of the Westchester Knitting Guild. It is always a delight to speak to this guild because they are so full of passion and excitement. During my presentation I showed them all of the new products Lion Brand has to offer, as well as the exclusive LB Collection. I even had the pleasure of dining with some of the members. People seemed to love seeing and the LB Collection in person.  These yarns are only available on our site and in our store. As Evelyne, one of my new friends from the guild said, “These yarns continue to seduce.”

Just a few days ago my new friends surprised me with a lovely thank you card (below) and box of chocolates. It’s people like them that make my job so enjoyable and gratifying! I truly enjoy speaking to yarn lovers and if you have a group of 50+ in the Northeast and would like to request a presentation, please contact me at

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  • The trend of the crocheted necklaces are really become popular here in my area. Im shocked to find out that I can no longer puchase Pastel Garden color in the Trellis Ladder. Is there anyplace I can order it. Thank you. I would need 3 skeins.

    Zontee says: Hi Patty, Trellis has been discontinued. Usually, with discontinued yarns, we recommend that you check auction sites like or marketplace sites like to see if there are vendors who still have some available. You can also check communities like or to see if there are other crocheters/knitters who have some leftover that they will sell/trade you.

    Finally, please note that we ask that you leave comments only related to the blog post on which they are left. For the future, if you have questions about products, please e-mail our Customer Support team at — thanks.

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