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A New Arrival for a New Arrival

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A New Arrival for a New Arrival


I’ve gotten to those years in my life–my mid-twenties–when it seems like everybody I know is about to get married or have a baby! I’ve been busy crocheting baby blankets for every new arrival among my friends and family for at least the last year and a half, trying out a variety of patterns, color schemes and yarn choices. Pound of Love is often my go-to, because I know just one skein will make me a beautiful, soft and delicate blanket. Sometimes, I end up buying an odd skein here and there, to finish a project or just because I like the color. That’s how this blanket came about.

When I heard about the arrival of baby Adriana, I saw I had skeins I had picked out while planning my creations for baby Mitchell, born just a few weeks ago, baby Kiera, born in 2012, and Mackenzie, who would definitely be mad if I called her a baby, since she’s already about to turn six! I pulled together this palette of Babysoft in pastel pink and pink lemonade and Pound of Love in pastel green to create this blanket that looks to me like a field full of strawberries. The pattern I used, our Ocean Waves Baby Afghan pattern, originally called for Cotton-Ease, but given that gauge isn’t as crucial for a blanket as it is for a garment, it was an easy substitution for my stash yarn. I wanted to add some frills to the border and make the bright pink pop, so I improvised a simple, lacy V-stitch border for a few rows until I was satisfied.

Do you have one type of project that you make over and over again? For yourself, gifts, or the local craft show? Share your favorite projects to make over and over again in the comments!


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  • This is beautiful… Is there a pattern?

  • Love the blanket. Looks like the one I’m making now for my cousin. I like your boarder better. What stitch pattern did you use? Thanks!

  • there is a link in the paragraphs for the pattern. In case you dont see it here it is:

  • click on orange “ocean Waves” pattern in the paragraph

  • I’ve made at least 7 baby blankets using Lion Brand’s “Dreamy Lace Baby Throw” pattern. I like to use 3 balls of Babysoft yarn with a G hook with 181 starting stitches though; and the lightweight yarn makes it look more delicate. I love this pattern!

  • My go-to pattern – I’ve made at least 7 baby blankets using Lion Brand’s Dreamy Lace Throw – . I recommend using 3 balls of Babysoft yarn with a G hook and 181 starting stitches, to get a very nice delicate look. I love this pattern!

  • Yes, it does look like strawberries! One of my friends is also expecting and I’m inspired to dinally make a baby blankie. Thanks for sharing!

  • can you tell me of a 50 cotton/50acrylic blend yarn that can be used? Thanks..

    • Certainly! The pattern actually calls for Cotton-Ease, which is our premier 50/50 Cotton and Acrylic blend. You can see the array of great colors we offer here: If you’re looking for more baby hues, Baby’s First might be a good choice. It’s a bulkier yarn, so you might have to account for that in your planning, but it’s 55% acrylic and 45% cotton and comes in great pastels and bold baby colors. All of the information on Baby’s First can be found here:

  • I’d also like to know how much of the pound of love yarn you used, just one skein?

    • Hi Linda. This blanket took about one full skein of Babysoft in the darker pink colorway, about half a skein of Babysoft in the lighter pink colorway, and a portion of a skein of Pound of Love in the green colorway. If made in just one color, I’d venture to guess that one skein of Pound of Love would be plenty.

  • Can you post the instructions for the border? I love that.

  • Sweet! 🙂 That blanket is amazingly done. What pretty lace!!!
    ~Olivia Harris~

  • Can you send me a link for the instructions on the lacey V-stitch border, I’ve been looking….. Thanks

  • still cant find the border pattern, it would help alot if you could post where it is exactly, I have the blanket done and just need to finish up the edging.

    • Hi Linda,

      I’m so glad you liked the blanket enough to replicate it. As I mentioned in the post, I just used an improvised V-stitch for the border, so there is no official pattern, but you can crochet the V-stitch design featured in our Stitch Finder around the border to your liking to get the same effect. The design is featured here:

      • Thanks, I appreciate your help. The only thing is this pattern doesnt look “lacey” and I am trying to give it an old fashioned look. I have changed the colors to a berry, rose, and ivory in the cotton blend yarn, so once the baby is finished with it, she can still use it and what I am hoping for is she will pass it down to her children. 🙂 – Any suggestions on a more lacy looking pattern that I can follow directions from? I looked at a bunch, but I am more of a direction follower than an improvisor… Thank you!

        • When trying to create a lacier look, one standby in crochet is always going up a hook size. If you’re not happy with how lacy the V-stitch looks, consider going up a hook size or two to make the stitches appear lacier. You can also consider adding additional chains in the middle of the V-stitches. For instance, if your pattern says “dc, ch 1, dc,” think about doing “dc, ch 2, dc” instead. That should open up your stitches more as well. I hope this helps.

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