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A Look at Some Landscapes That Inspired Our Yarn, Landscapes!

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A Look at Some Landscapes That Inspired Our Yarn, Landscapes!

Tropics colorway// Image credit: Flickr/rich_f28

I absolutely love the color palette and feel of one of our newest yarns, Landscapes. Earlier in the year, I made a hat in Desert Spring, and my knitting went rather quickly because I was eager to see each new band of color appear. After seeing all of the beautiful garments for our patterns, and swatches of colors, I thought to myself – maybe I should go through all of the yarn names and compare real-life landscape shots, to match the colors of the yarns we have.

In my search, I came across some wonderful images on Flickr that were representative of the names and colorways of the yarn, take a look for yourself, and hopefully you’ll be inspired to work with one of these gorgeous yarns!

Apple Orchard 1

Apple Orchard
(New York)
Image credit: Flickr/Pat_Duffy




(Brooklyn, New York)
Image credit: Flickr/Shawn Hoke


Mountain Range
Mountain Range
(West Glacier, Montana)
Image credit: Flickr/Ryan McKee 


(Brooklyn Bridge, NYC)
Image credit: Flickr/Robert James Hughes 


Desert Spring
Desert Spring
(Havasu Falls, Arizona)
Image credit: Flickr/Navin75 


Sand Dune
Sand Dune
Image credit: Flickr/ekasbury 


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  • Wow! I always thought the colourways were beautiful, but now I can understand their naming better. Thanks for this!

  • I just recently saw the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) for the first time. From the horizon it was yellow, lime green, red, blue, lavender and dark violet. Wouldn’t that make a beautiful palette?

  • I wish you would show the swatches on the Landscape yarn page as completely as you show them here. There are at least 3 colors missing there in each swatch, and seeing the full spectrum really does make a difference. For instance, the swatch for Apple Orchard leaves off the green to brown shading, and that would really make a difference to know those colors are in there before I ordered it.

    • Melanie,

      If you go to the Landscapes yarn page, and click on the color you wish see, it will pull up a much fuller swatch in a pop-up window. Hope this helps.

    • Hi Melanie, if you click on the actual swatch of color on the Landscapes page, a new window box will open up and expand the color swatch. The expanded box will show all ranges of the colorway. I hope that helps! Thanks, Brandyce

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