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A Look at Loom-Knitting: an Interview with Isela Phelps

In honor of our new Martha Stewart Crafts™ Lion Brand® Yarn Knit & Weave Loom Kit, I sat down with loom-knit designer and author, Isela Phelps, who shared some of the reasons that you may want to try out the wonderful craft of loom-knitting. Isela is the author of books including Loom Knitting Primer: a beginner's guide to knitting on a loom, Loom Knitting Pattern Book, and Loom Knitting Socks: a beginner's guide to knitting socks on a loom. Check out Isela's website at

Who would you recommend loom-knitting to?
I would recommend loom knitting to anyone who is either wanting to learn to knit or has had difficulty learning to knit in the past or to those who due to hand dexterity problems can no longer create with knitting needles.

Are there advantages to knitting with a loom as opposed to knitting with needles?
The main advantage that I have found is that my hands do not get as tired from holding onto the needles. Less hand cramping means longer periods of time knitting.

What is one thing you would like yarncrafters to know about loom-knitting?
Loom knitting is a viable way of creating. We are still using our hands to create knitted items just a different tool to create the fabric.

What are your favorite online loom-knitting resources?
I recommend visiting for videos--an invaluable sources of hundreds of videos, free. is a great resource for written instructions., my own website, is also a top resource for videos, instructions, and patterns.

A note from Zontee: Look out for new how-to videos for the Knit & Weave Loom Kit on Lion Brand's YouTube channel in the next few weeks.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to a loom-knitter?
Everything takes practice; the more you practice the easier it gets. Take it step by step, learn the basics, and move slowly up.

How did you get started yarncrafting? Loom-knitting?
I grew up with my grandmother and she is a knitting guru! She can create anything if she has yarn and needles. As a young child, I learn at her side how to create items, not from reading patterns but just from my own imagination. Loom-knitting became an integral part of my life when my husband started a small knitting loom company. At the time, there was very limited loom-knitting information available and I made it my mission to spread the word about loom knitting. I started creating patterns, instructions, and videos and my website, was born.

What’s your favorite thing to design?
I am an accessories person. I love to jazz up my wardrobe with simple pieces such as scarves or hats.

Thanks, Isela, for telling us about this great craft!

Have you tried loom-knitting or do you have any questions about it? Leave a comment below!

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