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A Different Way Of Thinking About Gift Giving

If you are reading this blog, you probably knit or crochet.  Do you remember when you learned? Do you remember who taught you?  It's often a memory so indelible that you can picture details about that day from the way the room looked to what you were wearing.  Many of us learned as children, in awe of this person who could teach us to create something from a simple ball of yarn.  We may have put down our craft as we became busy with children or work and picked it up again as we awaited the birth of a child, found a new way to relieve stress or discovered a yarn that could not be resisted.

This lovely story tells of a woman whose most cherished gift was given to her by an aunt when she was seven years old.  She remembers the day, the snack of tea and cookies that came with the gift and the color of the yarn.

This holiday season, consider giving this precious, lifelong gift to a child.  It's a gift of your knowledge and your presence together with a few inexpensive supplies. It's a gift that connects you to the person you teach in a way that very few gifts can. It's a gift for the holidays that reminds us of what is really important.

We invite you to share your stories of the person who taught you to knit by commenting on this blog post.

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