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A Colorful Scarf for Our Lion

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A Colorful Scarf for Our Lion

This is a guest blog post from Carolyn, our customer service supervisor, about how she decorated the little Lion statue by the entrance of our NJ offices.

Was it a kind gesture to the Lion–or was it deliberate yarn bombing?

This is the statue of the almighty prowler that greets us every morning at our Carlstadt office. One day, he found his way to us (brought to the office by Jack) and I named him “Ramon.”

It is getting chilly now, so I thought he could use a little scarfy scarf! The scarf is made with Martha Stewart Crafts Roving Wool yarn and trimmed with Fun Fur. To make it, I chained about 2 feet, single crocheted one row, double crocheted the next row, and single crocheted the last row. Then I single crocheted around the borders with Fun Fur. For the pom-pom, I just wrapped the remainder of the roving wool around four of my fingers and tied it in the middle, then trimmed. (Editor’s note: click here for a video on making and using pom-poms.)

I think he looks fabulous!!

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  • What about his ears??? 

    • Someone definitely needs to make him a hat!

  • Mittens!  This kitten definately needs mittens!!!

  • Love it!

  • Adorable.  Gold and brown would be nice as HE is a male lion.  It takes a confident lion (or man) to wear pink.

  • I think Ramon looks GREAT…..Now can you make a scarf for my Ramon please:)

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