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A Colorful Blanket made with 24/7 Cotton!

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A Colorful Blanket made with 24/7 Cotton!

I have grown up knitting my whole life. But a few years back I started to crochet, but get this, I was crocheting lefty! Yep lefty. I am a lefty. I knit righty, taught myself to crochet so obviously learned with my left but most recently I learned how to crochet righty! Which brings me to what’s on my hook!

A very very dear friend of mine had a baby. For her first baby who is now two and half, I made him a beautiful knitted blanket- he doesn’t sleep without it now! But for her second baby I wanted to challenge myself! I wanted to crochet righty (eek) a granny square blanket for her daughter. I decided to use a cotton yarn because they live in Florida, so I thought that 24/7 Cotton would work perfectly. It is a mercerized cotton so it’s great for blankets and garments! Not to mention the 24 colors it comes in!

I spent a lot of time picking out the colors because they symbolize the bubbly personality of who her grandmother was. Unfortunately this beautiful baby girl never had the chance to meet her grandmother but I did. I know she would have loved to see her granddaughter wrapped up in this colorful blanket made with so much love!

Check out this video to learn more about my process!


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