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  • Crochet Your First Sweater with these 10 Free & Easy Patterns!

    by Tamara Kelly

    Learning to crochet opens up a whole world of projects! Most beginners start with scarves, blankets and other simple rectangles, thinking that garments will wait "for when I'm a more experienced crocheter."
    But garments can be for beginners *and* experienced crocheters when made with simple shapes! So I've put together a list of 10 free crochet garment patterns - sweaters, shrugs, and ruanas - all from your favorite bloggers and designers, and all easy enough for a crocheter of almost any skill level to make and wear with pride.

    The Patterns

    1. Granny Squared Crochet Top by One Dog Woof

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  • Yarn on Garnet Hill

    I don’t normally pay attention to the catalogs that my wife receives in the mail but this on caught my eye. The cover of the October edition of Garnet Hill featured my passion, yarn! Inside there were beautiful garments made with natural fibers including cashmere, alpaca, and merino. In this modern world is it great to see there is still an appreciation for classic, natural fibers. Of course all I could think of was how great these garments would look if they were hand-knitted with our LB Collection yarn. It just goes to show that there is inspiration everywhere!


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  • Jack and the Yarnstalk: A Slightly Longer Yarn, Concluded

    franklin habitContinued from Jack and the Yarnstalk: A Slightly Longer Yarn

    Jack proudly presented his mother with the stolen sheep. Her delight was, at best, moderate.

    “She’s a nice enough little thing,” said his mother. “But we have no ram, and I have no spinning wheel; so I shall sell her come next market day and she may fetch a fair price.”

    “No, mother!” said Jack. “She is wondrous. You must not think of selling her. Here, I’ll just feed her little bit of hay and you shall see what she can do.”

    The sheep munched and swallowed. Then, turning pink about the face, it deposited from its other end a neat skein of yarn upon the grass.

    “Mercy me,” said Jack’s mother.

    “Baa,” said the sheep.

    Within weeks, the tumbledown shack had become the most popular yarn shop in the valley. Jack’s mother opened the door each morning to an eager crowd clamoring for her wares. These surpassed all others for quality, beauty, and variety. Weavers fell over each other to lay hands on her fine, strong linens. Embroiderers gasped at the sight of her smooth, lustrous silk threads. Those who knit and crocheted filled their baskets with heaps of her wools, miraculously soft and colorful.

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