Lion Brand Notebook

Color of the Year: We heard ya! & Watch This

We love your feedback! We were blown away by your thoughts and ideas about our Color of the Year post earlier this month. Thank you so much for reading, weighing in, and creating wonderful discussion. Keep reading for some thoughts on the most common questions & comments! And watch this – we’re ready to share […]

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Meet Penelope: Our New Superfine Yarn, Perfect for Making Socks

An inspired new sock weight yarn. Welcome, Penelope! As the newest addition to our Superfine family, Penelope is an answer to the question from many of our crafters, who’ve asked for more lightest-weight yarn options. Lovely Penelope comes as a knitted chainette hank. But give the thread a tug to unravel, and poof! Sock weight […]

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Color of the Year for January: Vanilla

January is for Vanilla. If you’ve stood in the home improvement aisle, staring at paint chips for a hallway painting project, you know there many ‘white’ tones, and they each give a very different feeling. This year, we’re drawn to warmer, more ambiguous colors… is it cream? Light taupe? When it comes to vanilla, we […]

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