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  • Ella Tied Cardigan Crochet-Along: Week 1

    Welcome to the Fall Crochet-Along.  We will be crocheting the Ella Tied Cardigan together! The sample pictured below is crocheted in 24/7 Cotton® in the color Café Au Lait.


    The Yarn

    24/7 Cotton® is a worsted weight, mercerized cotton with a little sheen to it.  There are 24 different colors to choose from. I am crocheting mine in the color GRASS.  If cotton is not for you, there are dozens of other options on the Lion Brand website.

    To best search, just go to the website, choose MEDIUM WEIGHT as your filter, and see all of the yarns that will work with this gauge. At first glance, I think it would be fun to see it crocheted in Heartland®, Textures®, Amazing®, or Landscapes®!  And for an acrylic solid alternative, Vanna’s Choice® has a ton of colors to choose from as well.

    To motivate you to choose cotton like I did, you can get 20% off when you buy 9 or more balls of 24/7 Cotton® with the coupon code 24/7Cotton2016 through October 28th!

    Color Choice

    Choosing a neutral like charcoal, ecru, camel or taupe will make your sweater very versatile with your current wardrobe, but I wanted to encourage you to consider a fun color for your cardi.  Consider the colors you have in your closet.  I like to color code mine, so it is easy to see I own a lot of blue and a lot of pink.   I chose GRASS because the green is a complimentary color to pieces I already own.  Take a look at a color wheel and you will find which colors compliment each other.

    Alternately, crochet up the cardi in the color that is most flattering to your complexion and choose it as your outer layer EVERY DAY this fall!

    Getting Started

    If you already have your yarn, DO NOT skip the step of crocheting a gauge swatch. The pattern suggests using an I hook.  After gauging, I went down to an H, and honestly I wish I had gone down to a G.

    The v-stitch is created in multiples of 3. Chaining 27 or 30 as your initial gauge swatch chain will give you enough fabric to check your gauge.




    I know you are anxious to just get started, but it’s VERY important to meet gauge if you want your sweater to fit like the photo!  And it is a good chance to practice the V-stitch, as that stitch is the main stitch of this project.

    Grab your yarn! The coupon is good through October 28th, start swatching so that you are ready to begin this gorgeous cardi!  Happy Crocheting!

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  • Curvy Girl Knit-Along, Week 5: Another One Down

    Curvy Girl KAL

    We are back again for the next installment of the Curvy Girl Knit-Along. We got started with the left front panel, casting on and working it up until the point where you start to decrease. How did that go? For me, it was fun to get started on the cable portions.


    Curvy Girl Questions

    One question I saw in our Ravelry group was about how to measure an armhole. It can see confusing -- are we measuring height? Around the curve? On the diagonal? Well, the answer is actually the simplest one: measure straight up and down. Place the end of your measuring tape at the row where you cast off, and measure straight upward from there. You can use some kind of straight edge, like a ruler or even the side of a book, to make sure you start the measuring tape in the right spot.

    And it's good to know that, because this week we are finishing the left front. That means you'll be shaping another armhole, on top of working the v-neck decreases.

    Continue reading

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  • Lion Brand is Now on Tumblr!

    Are you a Tumblr user who also loves Lion Brand Yarn? Well, that's perfect, because now, so are we! Come check us out.



    Come join us! Bookmark, follow, like, reblog, whatever your heart desires. We've got plenty of memes, gifs, and other content you can only find there, so make sure and stop by. It's a fun place to be, with a great knit and crochet community. There's always good conversation, great humor, and plenty of pretty pictures of projects.

    If Tumblr isn't your bag, don't forget you can find us on Facebook and Instagram as well.

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