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9 Secrets to Helping a Beginner Knitter or Crocheter

If you have friends or a family member who is just starting to knit or crochet, you have the chance to be the support they need! Beginners often have a hard time learning to feel good about their skills.

Here are 9 tips to becoming a beginner's real-live life line:

Give them a way to contact you.  

This sounds like a no-brainer, but many times we forget that people may want to contact us for help. A phone number, email address or regular meeting time can provide the structure they need. Plus, they never have to feel alone if know they can call you.

Listen to them carefully. 

It can be tricky to explain a problem when you'reĀ  just learning the language of crafting; listen to each problem in person, and keep yarn handy to demonstrate solutions.

Take them yarn shopping. 

Experienced crafters love to shop for yarn, but the yarn aisle or online store can be scary for a beginner. If you can remember a time before you could read a yarn label, then you know why! Help them out by being their personal yarn shopper and choosing yarn and tools together.

Translate the language for them. 

Read the pattern out loud to them. Explanations like "The pattern says '(dc, ch 2, dc) in same ch.' That means make a double crochet stitch, then chain 2, and then make another double crochet into the same stitch as the one you just made," can be the difference between a beautiful scarf and a tangled mess for a beginner.

Frog together. 

Undoing hard work can be a stumbling point for learners; it's their first try and it's easy to get attached. Try making a few rows each planning to rip them out together. This teaches that frogging is a normal part of crafting, and it's surprising how fun and confidence boosting the process can be!

Wind balls together. 

Balling yarn is an easy, low-pressure way to get familiar with the feeling of yarn, and it's a useful skill for beginners. Ball yarn together and your friend will get familiar with fiber and comfortable with you at the same time.

Host a yarn swap. 

This is a party where no one has to knit or crochet, but you certainly can talk about it, swap tips and clean out your stash all at once! It will also introduce your beginner friend to more yarncrafters and make them part of the community.

Help them choose projects. 

Beginners don't always know that intarsia or entrelac patterns won't make for the easiest first project. Help them find the patterns that they will be able to make at their current skill level.

Introduce them to online resources. 

Ravelry, Pinterest and our site at are great ways to get inspired and find help crafting help online. Get your friend set up with accounts and be the first to become their friend them or follow their pin boards!

Have you ever helped someone learn to knit or crochet? What tips would you add to this list?
Leave a comment to share them!

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