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9 Knit & Crochet Chemo Cap and Prayer Shawl Patterns for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, many of you may be knitting or crocheting items for charity, or to show support to someone you know who has been affected by breast cancer.  Giving someone a handmade gift during a time of need is a thoughtful and special way to show you care.

Below, I've selected a few patterns for hats and prayer shawls that are easy to care for (so the recipient doesn't have to worry about hand washing and drying), and great gifts for giving to that person who just might need an extra pick me up.

Hats are a perfect gift for someone going through chemotherapy treatments; the hat will keep their head warm and protected as the effects of the treatment start to take place.

Comforting Blue Cap
Crochet Comforting Blue Cap
Lace Beanie
Knit Lace Beanie
Seed Stitch Hat
Knit Seed Stitch Hat

Spice Solace Hat
Crochet Spice Solace Hat
Caramel Swirl Hat
Knit Caramel Swirl Hat
Tranquil Violet Hat
   Tranquil Violet Hat

Prayer Shawls help provide comfort and hope to the recipient, and they express that your thoughts and prayers are with them during this time.

Easy Triangle Shawl
Knit Easy Triangle Shawl
(Click here for Crochet version)
Modern Lace Shawl
Crochet Modern Lace Shawl
Maple Shade Wrap
Crochet Maple Shade Wrap

Do you usually start to craft for charity around this time of year? Share your favorite charity or support projects to make in the comments below.

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  • Portia WA

    Having done these for many friends .....the one comment I always get is......".OOOOOH...you use such soft yarn. My head seems extra sensitive while on chemo."

  • Threedogs

    Limit for the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota. The poorest place in our Nation.

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