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9 Free Hats to Make In A Day & A Special Reason to Craft

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9 Free Hats to Make In A Day & A Special Reason to Craft

One of the quickest projects to craft to get ready for cooler weather is a hat! Here are 9 free hats, all of which can be made with just one skein. They are also all Level 1 – Beginner patterns, so whether you’re looking for a quick project or attempting your first hat, they are great options. You’ll definitely be ready for fall with a fun new addition to your wardrobe!

9 Free Hats

Our Quick Cozy Hat (Crochet) is a double-stranded project, so it’ll work up fast. The yarn is our Super Bulky Hometown USA, so it’ll be cozy even though it’s an open weave design. Next, our Quick & Easy Hat (Crochet) – the name pretty much says it all! You’ll make this hat with our Jumbo Totally Tubular yarn in Oyster Shell, so it’ll have a gorgeous almost tweedy painterly quality. For another multicolored tam, check out the Saratoga Hat (Crochet). Landscapes Yarn will create an accessory that will serve as a great pop of color for your fall wardrobe.

The One Ball Beginner Hat (Knit) is the second Hometown USA pattern on our quick list, this time in Charlotte Blue. Then we have our Bed Head Hat (Knit), which is a Jumbo Wow Yarn project. Not only is it a speedy knit, but the best part is, you don’t even have to worry about the gauge! Finally, our Plainfield Pom-Pom Hat (Knit) is a great look for kids or parents. It would make a fun project to do together, too – you could teach a younger crafter to make pom poms while you knit the body of the hat. Then, you’ll have a wearable souvenir of a fun crafting session.

3 #HatNotHate Patterns

This fall, Lion Brand is teaming up with STOMP Out Bullying for the #HatNotHate campaign. We’re encouraging crafters to make a blue hat to wear for World Day of Bullying Prevention on October 1st, to raise awareness about the negative effects of bullying on kids and teens. We’ve put together 23 knit and crochet patterns, all in different blues, if you’d like to join us in this craftivist movement. Visit our blog to learn more about this campaign, and see all our new patterns. Here are three cute ones:

If you want to really represent for our #HatNotHate campaign, then you could make the Anti Bullying Crochet (Crochet) hat! This is a quick and easy project that’s sure to work for every crafter and wearer. Plus, it’ll work up fast with bulky yarn, and is easy to finish. Or you could opt for a more traditional hat style with our Updated Classic Hat (Crochet). But maybe you’re looking to add a little visual interest, say, a cable? Then the Elmira Hat (Knit) is the ideal project for you.

Now if you’d like to do more, you’re more than welcome to make a hat to donate! We’re collecting 1,500 hats for a local NYC school, to outfit their entire student body for October 1st. To do so, we’ll need to receive all donated hats by September 24th, 2018. Please visit our blog for more information about how to donate a hat.

Craft it Quick

If you’re looking to whip up a new accessory to spice up your closet for fall, then we hope you see something you like on this list. Let us know in the comments if you have a favorite hat pattern to make in a day, or if you’ve tried one of these 9 free hats.

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  • Not good. Why should I buy your products again?

  • Plainfield pompom hat knit pattern is not a knit pattern, it is a crochet pattern at the pattern download site

  • Plainfield pompom hat is not a knit pattern , it is a crochet pattern at the download page

  • My favorite hat to knit is made with two strands of any kind of Lion Brand yarn like Jeans or A Touch of Alpaca, or even Vana. I use size 11 circular needles, 16″. I cast on between 40 to 58 stitches, knit the first row, then k2p2 for about 6″ so that I have a brim that I can turn up. Then I knit every stitch until there is an additional 7″. I cut at least a 4″ length of yarn, draw it through all the stitches and slide them off the needles as I go. Then draw it up tight and weave in the end to secure the stitches tightly. Add a pom pom if desired but I usually do not. Easy and everyone seems to appreciate the double layer on their ears .

  • Goofiest looking hats ever!! Really!!

  • If you would like people to donate hats please let folks know before the due date. I received this on 9/22, a Saturday, and they are due on Monday the 24th. Beam them over, Scotty!

  • Very disappointed! My favourite “knit”hat in today’s email turned out to be a crochet pattern. I don’t know how to crochet and I don’t have time to learn right now.

  • Most of these are very unattractive hats and goofy looking also, as someone else has already mentioned. Don’t know anyone who would wear them.

  • I am looking for a pattern for a simple stocking stich cardigan for 3/4 yrs (DK) Thank you.

  • I’m looking for the pattern that was printed on the back of the label of the Mandala cakes when they first came out a year or two ago. My mother-in-law will soon be 91 and she is a master knitter. She loves making the narrow scarf pattern that was printed on the label. She joined the ends to make a circle that was easy to slip over your head.
    Can someone help me find that pattern?

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