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9 Easy Halloween Accessories for Adults, Children, and Pets!

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9 Easy Halloween Accessories for Adults, Children, and Pets!

Halloween is 2 weeks away, and there’s still plenty of time to make yourself, a pet, or someone you know, a fun item for a costume or disguise. Today’s pattern round up includes simple designs that are sure to be gratifying projects because they can be completed before it’s time to celebrate. Be sure to check out the “Related Links” at the bottom of the page for more Halloween ideas and inspiration!

Jack O Lantern Dog Sweater
Knit Jack-O-Lantern Dog Sweater in
Hometown USA
Pumpkin Hat & Booties Set
Knit Pumpkin Hat and Booties set in Vanna’s
Choice Baby
King of the Beasts (Lion) Dog Sweater
Knit King of the Beasts (Lion) Dog Sweater in Wool-Ease Thick & Quick, Moonlight Mohair, Homespun and Chenille

Crafty Disguise
Crochet Crafty Disguise in Vanna’s Choice
Candy Corn Hat & Booties Set
Knit Candy Corn Hat and Booties Set in Vanna’s Choice
Fairy Wings
Crafted Fairy Wings in Imagine.
Click here for matching Crochet Twirly
Click here for Crafted Wand
Lion Tamer Safari Hat
Lion Tamer/Safari Hat in Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton.
Click here for the Baby Lion Mane pattern
Frank N SteinCrochet Frank N. Stein Bib in Cotton-Ease  Petal Mask
Crochet Petal Mask in Microspun

How do you plan on incorporating yarn into your Halloween celebration? Share with us in the comments!

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  • I made two of the Lion/King of the Beasts dog sweaters for a pair of beagles last Spring. The Boys will be wearing them for Halloween and all winter – these make very warm and cozy sweaters, and the mane will help keep the cold winds from bothering their ears!

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