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86-Year-Old Donates Hundreds of Preemie Hats

AJC-preemie (Photo: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Retired engineer Ed Moseley, 86, learned to make hats for preemies, and as a result has now donated hundreds of them to a local neonatal intensive care unit, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Moseley lives in an assisted living facility in Acworth, GA, near Atlanta. The facility asked its residents to take part in an outreach program making preemie hats for the NICU at nearby Northside Hospital. He wanted to help, but didn't know how to knit. So he taught himself using a loom.

“When they started this project a few months back, I told my daughter about it and I said, ‘How can I knit? what do I need to do?’ and bless her heart, she went to Jo-Anns [Fabrics] and got a kit, yarn and instruction kit for me. So I started slowly and learned it just takes patience,’” he told the AJC.

Now that he has the hang of loom knitting, a little hat takes about an hour. He often makes them while watching TV. He inspired his neighbors at the assisted living facility, too, and many of them are learning to knit the hats. People have been bringing him their completed hats to donate, as well as balls of yarn for him to use.

November 17 was National Preemie Awareness Day, and Moseley donated 350 of the hats to the Northside Hospital NICU.

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  • Emily Katehis

    That's so awesome! I hope I can still knit at that age. My son was a preemie, but I had to hand knit all his items myself. My daughter wasn't a preemie but she was smaller than my son. Her first sweater fits an American Girl Bitty Baby Doll.

  • jennifer lyons

    so wonderful, I know as a premie parent that the jackets I made for the little ones was greatly appreciated.... I am sure he made many parents very happy and so very kind of him to do this.... may GOD BLESS YOU Moseley!!!!

  • Wendy Orr

    Enid, my neighbour of 10 years who passed away one year ago aged 84,knitted
    jumpers; pants and hats an average of 272 per year every year until her death, for charities in Africa. I tried to get her recognition via our local council, that informed me that she was not a charity worker if her charity did not affect her HOME Council. To the children of Africa she was a GODMOTHER. From this person in Australia, CONGRATULATIONS Mr.Moseley, you are a Godfather to the Premmy babies of Atlanta.

  • Myrtle

    He is awesome since he taught himself to knit. A wonderful man