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8 Tech Accessories You Can Knit and Crochet

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8 Tech Accessories You Can Knit and Crochet

Editor’s note: We’re happy to welcome Petrina to the Lion Brand team. Petrina is a crocheter who loves to make cute and fashionable projects in her spare time. Here at Lion Brand, she’ll be blogging and creating some of your favorite newsletters. This is her first blog post!

Fair Isle Tech Vest

When e-readers came onto the market, I was very skeptical.

I loved the smell of a new (and old) book, the sound of turning page, and even judging various books by their covers.

Then I realized I could use one to upload all of the crochet and knitting patterns I had saved on my computer over the years.
My entire pattern library would reside in one e-reader.

No more figuring out which pages are out of order; no more running out of paper and ink for printing patterns; and no more frustration when pages got wet or worn from overuse.

When I asked for an e-reader for Christmas, I didn’t want a case at the time — I was picky when it came to tech accessories.  But after endless Etsy searches, and browsing electronic stores,
I could never find “the one.”

Then it occurred to me that I could make my own.  I took some leftover Wool-Ease®Thick & Quick from a scarf that had been already given away and crocheted a large rectangle (enough a cover and a flap) — I even crocheted a frog clasp for a fastener.  Now I had a case that I could easily carry around and easily identify without worrying about damaging it.

While I crocheted with no pattern in mind, here are some other patterns for tech accessories:

This is a great starter project for those learning how to knit or crochet, especially if you are not interested in making scarves or want to try something new. Have you crocheted or knitted anything to go along with your tablet, ereader, phone, or laptop?

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