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8 Great Patterns: Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Bundles

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8 Great Patterns: Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Bundles

The beloved Wool-Ease Thick and Quick is available in Bonus Bundles, and we’ve got the patterns to go with it. With double the yardage for just a few dollars more, it’s almost more practical to cast on big, and cast on often! And with 23 colors to choose from, you’ll never run out of options. To get you started, we’ve rounded up 8 great patterns for those bonus bundles, 4 knit and 4 crochet.

Whether they’re idling in your shopping cart or burning a hole in your stash, get ready to cast on!

8 Great Patterns for Your Bundles

Adorable open-work crochet toppers, with a surprise!

The Openwork Ruana and Trellis Scarf/Vest Crochet patterns are both Level 2 – Easy (Beginner+), and will add a personal touch to any outfit. The Trellis Scarf/Vest is especially fun – as the name implies, you can wear it two ways! The Openwork Ruana is also available as a kit, which could be a great gift for a fellow crafter.

A beautiful crochet afghan in Spice Market:

8 Great Patterns

Adyson Afghan (Crochet)

The Adyson Afghan (Crochet), pictured above in Wool-Ease Thick and Quick Bonus Bundle Yarn Spice Market, works up so beautifully in a multi-color yarn. The stitch would be lovely in a solid, too.

Check out a quick video from the photoshoot below!


Cowls, to knit & crochet:

Two very cute cowls, one knit, one crochet, are sure to grab some attention. The New Direction Cowl (Knit) is a Level 1 – Beginner, perfect for new crafters. The Boothbay Bobble Cowl (Crochet) presents a little bit more of a challenge, Level 2 – Easy (Beginner+), but it’s adorable pom-like stitches will lure any crafter to try it!

For knitters feeling a poncho vibe:

The Old Bridge Poncho is lovely, with a straightforward stitch that yields beautiful results. The asymmetrical shape will funk it up, and as pictured, this poncho will elevate a more casual combo to OOTD status.

Knit winter accessories:

These winter accessories will keep you cozy, and spice up your go-to winter gear. The Falls City Hat is a Level 1 – Beginner, and with that big pom on top, it’s a great first hat for any crafter! If you’re looking for a sweet set, please see the Boro Park Cowl & Headband. The gathered look of the headband is reminiscent of flapper style, and paired with a striking sensible cowl, you’ll be a regular fashion plate.

Casting on with a bonus bundle?

If you’ll be casting on a bonus bundle project, we want to know! Especially if you’re considering one of these 8 great patterns above. And if you’re a bundle fan, we’d love to know your favorite thing about knitting or crocheting with a larger skein.

Cast on big, cast on often!

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