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8 Fast-Finish Handmade Holiday Ornaments

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8 Fast-Finish Handmade Holiday Ornaments

Take a break from your regular holiday routine and make some fast-finish knit or crocheted ornaments. Ornaments are small, adorable and quick-to-make projects that can help get you into the holiday spirit and relieve the stress that sometimes comes during this time of year. Try these patterns for crafted, knit and crocheted ornaments for beautiful, handmade alternatives to store-bought decorations for the holidays this year.

Crochet Christmas Mouse Knit Mitten & Stocking
Knit Fair Isle Snowflake Ornament Crafted Temari Ball Ornaments
Crochet Fancy Ornament Crochet Felted Holiday Snowflakes
Knit Holiday Ball Crochet Puffy Snowflake

Even the smallest project made in a small amount of time can make a big impact during the holiday season. Taking a break from larger projects to make one of these quick ornaments can be the perfect way to rejuvenate your crafting hands and creative mind, not to mention the way they inspire holiday cheer when hung on garlands, mantlepieces, wreaths or Christmas trees!
Do you like to make small projects to break up your crafting routine? Have you made any ornaments this year? Leave a comment to tell us.

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  • This year I knit tiny mittens and socks for a very cute garland, in between knitting sweaters, gloves, hats and socks. I also crocheted some fashion doll sized clothing throughout the year for a change of pace and I knit dishcloths for gifts, which are quick and easy!

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