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8 Craft & Crochet Projects Made with Bonbons from Bloggers

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8 Craft & Crochet Projects Made with Bonbons from Bloggers

In September, we showed you the Wrapped Headband in Candy Colors by Cathy, from the blog Trinkets in Bloom. Cathy created her bright, sparkly, headband by wrapping combinations of colors from the Party and Celebrate assortments from our newly released yarn, Bonbons. Today, I’m going to share with you a few more creative projects using Bonbons that were made by some talented and crafty bloggers.

Bonbons are a fun collection of mini skein yarns that allows you to mix and match with multiple colors while you craft, knit or crochet.  The featured projects from the bloggers below, highlights the various ways in which Bonbons can be used. Plus, with 8 different colors of yarn in one package, there are so many different opportunities for experimentation. Take a look for yourself!

(When you click on the image or project name, you will be directed to the blogger’s page for instructions)

Bohemian Twist Necklace
This Mama Makes Stuff
Crochet Chain NecklaceCrochet Chain necklace
Thanks I Made It
DIY String Wall Art
Nail String Art
Creme De La Craft


Bug Buddies
Bug Buddies
Maybe Matilda
Venessa Arizaga inspired Lace + Chain NecklaceVenessa Arizaga inspired Lace + Chain Necklace
Stripes and Sequins
Pom Pom HairpinsPom Pom Hairpins
Sugar Bee Crafts

Crocheted Necklace
Crocheted Necklace
Reese Dixon
Fiber Fashionista
Fiber Fashionista
Craft Test Dummies

Have you had a chance to work with Bonbons yet? Share your projects with us in the comments.

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  • So cute! I need to finsh my bon bon project which is a friend ship bracelet with a fancy design. The cotton bon bon yarns are my favorite so far.

    • Hi Grace, nice to hear from you! Glad you’ve enjoyed working with the Bonbons; I love the stitch definition of the cotton Bonbons.

  • O.k how can i make the pom pom hairpins? Is that fun fur they are made out of?

  • I did make the pom pom hairpins AND it did not work. It turned out like um………… hare so help please would someone help me?

  • I have been having fun making flowers for hair clips with my bon bons.

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