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7 Stress-Free Steps to Making Your Holiday Gifts This Year

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7 Stress-Free Steps to Making Your Holiday Gifts This Year

7 Stress-Free Steps to Making Your Holiday Gifts This YearIf you’re planning to make some or all of your holiday gifts, now is a great time to start planning. It may seem early, but the beginning of fall is the perfect time to get started if you’ve got a long list or you love to make complex projects. These seven steps will help you organize your crafting, figure out which projects to make and get it all done in time. No need to stress!

Step 1: Make a List (and Check it Twice)

Start your holiday projects off by making a list first. Include all the people you’d want to make things for, and then check it to highlight the people you are definitely giving a handmade presents. Take a good look at each name to think about the sort of gift that they might enjoy the most, and make notes about possible gifts to purchase instead. As time gets tight, it’s always good to have a gift-giving back-up plan just in case your projects aren’t finished in time.

Step 2: Pick Out Projects

Choose patterns that you’ll enjoy making, or pull out all those patterns you’ve wanted to make and never had time for. You can always make one for yourself in January! You don’t need a complicated pattern to make a gift special, small details like cables or colorwork make simpler projects look impressive.

Step 3: Match Projects to People

Think about each person and the sort of gift they would enjoy most. Do they live in a chilly climate? Do they love curling up under a blanket to read, or wear team colors when they go to the game? Choose a pattern that suits their interests and they’ll be sure to use it all the time. You can also take requests!

Step 4: Choose Your Yarns

This step can lots of fun! Make a shopping list for all the yarns and any extras you might need, like needle felting tools or special buttons. Try to find out if anyone on your list has fiber preferences before you shop (some folks may also have fiber allergies). Luxury yarns are perfect for turning thoughtful gifts into treasured heirlooms, and LB Collection luxury yarns are 25% off right now to help you get ready for the holidays.

Step 5: Plan Your Itinerary

Pull out your calendar for the next three months and plan roughly when you’ll make each project. If you’ll be traveling, planning your travel projects in advance can help you finish off gifts as you commute. When you have a rough timeline worked out it’ll be much easier to stay on target with your crafting goals.

Step 6: Be Good (to Yourself) for Goodness Sake

As you’re stitching away remember that gifts are about showing that you care, not about how fast you can finish them or complicated you can make them. Take breaks and treat yourself to crafter comforts like ergonomic crochet hooks and stress-reducing gloves. Remember to relax and enjoy the season!

Step 7: Hang Projects with Care… Instructions.

As you finish up your projects be sure to include care instructions as you wash, block, and wrap them. You’ve put a lot of time and energy into creating a handmade gift, so let your recipient know how they can take care of it. That way they can enjoy it for years to come!

Have you made your holiday gifts before? What tips would you share with other crafters? Leave a comment to share!

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  • Thanks for these ideas! I have done some of them in the past, but I really appreciate the tip to plan when I will make different things. Thanks again!

  • okay, you can’t have a picture of a stack of beautiful afghans and not at least include a caption that tells us what patterns they are!!

    • Good point, Kellie! I’ve added them to the bottom of the blog post.

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  • Hello, i am new hear i do not know how to knit/crochet. well i do know how to crochet a little bit. i made my sister a washcloth with her letter c in it. it is a Christmas gift.

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