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7 Openwork Projects to Make for Warmer Weather

There is no reason why your hand knit and crocheted pieces cannot be worn through warmer weather. Choosing openwork stitch patterns gives pieces an easy-breezy feel in both loom and wearability.

What is Openwork?

An "openwork" fabric can be a couple different things. It might be a loose fabric created using needles or hook that are "too large" for the weight of the yarn. The Little Black Tank (shown below) is a good example of this. The design uses #4 worsted weight yarn paired with very large US size 17 needles. This gives simple garter stitch an open mesh feel. This same concept can be applied to crochet with an over-large hook to yarn ratio.

Openwork can also be a lace or mesh fabric (knit or crochet) that plays with open space. The Jules Cardigan and Whispering Birch Bohemian Vest are both crochet examples of this. The airiness of the piece varies with the stitch to space ratio. If you look at the photos of each design you can see that the Jules Cardigan has less open space due to the type of yarn and stitch and will therefore offer a bit more warmth.

9 Openwork Projects

1. Movie Night Cocoon Cardigan (crochet)

Two of Wands has designing for cool Spring days and Summer nights down. This beautiful and breezy cocoon cardi is crocheted in 24/7 Cotton, which has a smooth hand and subtle sheen.

2. Whispering Birch Bohemian Vest (crochet)

crochet vest

The Whispering Birch Bohemian Vest is the perfect free-spirited layer piece! Designed by Hopeful Honey, this pretty design is crocheted using 24/7 Cotton in the "Camel" colorway.

3. Jules Cardigan (crochet)

crochet cardigan

The Jules Cardigan pairs the soft single ply of New Basic 175 yarn with double crochet mesh. This is the perfect way to bring a yarn you might think of as a "cool weather" favorite into the warmer days of Spring through Fall. Designed by Phanessa Fong.

4. Little Black Tank (knit)

Little black knit tank

The Little Black Tank is brought to you by Mama In A Stitch. Worked on US size 17 needles paired with Heartland worsted weight yarn, this simple top can be knit in a weekend. The fabric is garter stitch

5. Chelsea Cape (knit)

knit shrug

Two of Wands combines casual comfort and style in this oversized shrug/cape. From a distance this design appears like it may be crocheted, but it is, in fact, knit using 24/7 Cotton yarn.

6. Spring Ruana (knit)

knit lace ruana

The Spring Ruana moves away from the mesh styles and turns to airy openwork lace. Allover patterning and yarn with a silky drape make this piece easy to layer on during Summer nights. Knit using LB Collection Cotton Bamboo.

7. Luxe Shawl (knit)

knit shawl

The Luxe shawl combines open stitch patterns for a more complex, but simply shaped, accessory. Knit using 3 skeins of LB Collection Silk.

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    The color being worn by the model is Slate, which is what the kit comes with. The difference in the photos is likely due to lighting between photo shoots. You can purchase New Basic alone here:
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    I'm sorry but none of this works when it's over 100 degrees outside.