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6 Wonderful Knit & Crochet Wedding Projects Made by Customers Like You!

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6 Wonderful Knit & Crochet Wedding Projects Made by Customers Like You!

On tomorrow’s episode of YarnCraft (our radio-style podcast about the wonderful world of knitting, crocheting, and yarn), we’ll be talking about projects for formals, proms, and weddings. As we enter the warmer months (at least here in the northern hemisphere), it seems like there are more parties, both indoors and out–which is why we’ll be talking about purses, shawls, and even some non-traditional yarncrafting projects that you may want to tackle.

In the meantime, we often hear from customers that they’ve made special projects as gifts or to decorate for their own or their friends’ weddings. Here are just a few fun projects that I spotted in our Customer Gallery (click on the photos to read their full stories):

Paul created this very cool blanket for his youngest step-daughter’s wedding–his own design, with a little help from his wife. He made it using Pound of Love, and you can really tell a lot of love went into this cool playing card-inspired design. Janice B. made an adorable little bunny bride & groom–and bridesmaid too!–based on our Cake Topper pattern. It was for a recently-married friend who loves bunnies!

Chapin B. crocheted this awesome cake in honor of her wedding in 2008. What a delectable project, plus she says “it was great fun!” She made it in Dusty Purple and Espresso Vanna’s Choice. Marie L. made this skeleton bridal couple for a co-worker. She got her inspiration from Creepy Cute Crochet, a great book by Christen Haden which features designs in Cotton-Ease. Marie also says that she would love to make an entire skeleton bridal party someday!

Kaitlyn B. knit this blanket out of Vanna’s Choice in two weeks “in my sleep, on the train, and literally minutes before the newlyweds left on their honeymoon”, but clearly this amazing blanket (made with our Artful Afghan pattern) was worth all the effort! Christine K. made 52 of these pea-in-a-pod sets (based on our amigurumi pattern) for her sister’s wedding. Plus she says, “My four other sisters, groom-to-be, Mum and I got together the night before and put on the eyes, mouths, veils, hats and wrapped everything in a see-through net material. The groom helped by running out for better glue and boxes.” So truly a team effort!

For more inspiration for wedding wearables and accessories, be sure to visit the YarnCraft blog tomorrow or subscribe to us on iTunes!

Have you made anything for a wedding? Tell us your story!

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