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6 Stocking Stuffers for Yarncrafters

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6 Stocking Stuffers for Yarncrafters

It’s getting very close to the holidays. If you’re like me, then you’ve purchased all of your large gifts, but you still have to pick up a few stocking stuffers and small gifts. Here are 6 easy ideas that you can pick up almost anywhere.

1. Tape measure. Crafters can never have too many measuring devices. Tailor’s tape or a retractable, flexible tape measure can be purchased up at craft, art, and department stores.

2. Scissors. Small, portable scissors are a must-have for any crafter on the go. For a special gift, select embroidery scissors come with an ornate design. Another great option is a pair of folding scissors. Find a pair at your favorite craft or department store.

3. Highlighter tape. This is handy for marking a pattern without leaving anything permanently. Pick up a roll or two at any craft, department, or office supply store.

4. Hand lotion. Cold weather can dry out the skin. It’s especially important for knitters and crocheters to keep their hands moisturized.

5. Special yarn. Every yarncrafter has a special yarn that she or he really desires. A few skeins of alpaca, cashmere, or sparkling yarn make the perfect indulgence. Be sure to buy enough to make a small project.

6. Gift certificates. These are the perfect gifts for the crafter who has everything. Check out our gift certificates here.

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  • Stitch markers are also a great stocking stuffer. Be sure to buy the appropriate ones. Knitting markers and crocheting markers are different.

  • Is there a pattern for the Christmas Stocking?

    • Just click on the picture of the stocking and it will show you the pattern

    • I also have a pattern to make christmas stockings on the kniffty knitter..just use the yellow circle (adult hat size one) and you can look on the web to learn how to make the heel and tie the toe off like the top of a snow hat…I’ve made four stockings this way

  • Julie if you click the stocking it will take you to the material page and the pattern is free

  • I just got a lovely yarn needle threader; makes finishing a project (and/or fixing a boo-boo) SO much easier!

  • I just got a lovely yarn needle threader; makes finishing a project (and/or fixing a boo-boo) SO much easier!

  • […] 6 Stocking Stuffers for Yarncrafters […]

  • A promisary note from the person filling the stocking promising to make skiens into yarn balls is also a great gift!

    • How about a spinner’s weasel? Pop goes the weasel!!!

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