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6 Mathematical Patterns for Pi Day!

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6 Mathematical Patterns for Pi Day!

As crafters we have a secret relationship with math — whether you realize it or not! You keep count of your rows, use numerical sequences to determine patterns, and you read a knit and/or crochet pattern code as good as any web designer reads html.

In honor of Pi Day, the day we irrationally celebrate this irrational number, I’ve collected our favorite mathematically themed patterns:

Hyperbolic Crochet Geek Mittens Knit Pi Socks
Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Motifs (Inspired by hyperbolic curves) Knit Geek Mittens (For those who love opensource software.) Knit Pi Socks (Uses irrational number to dictate the striped pattern.)
Escher Seahorse Afghan Anamorphic Fibs Knit Pythagorean Triangles Hat
Knit Escher Seahorse Afghan (Inspired by Escher’s tessellations.) Knit Anamorphosic Fibs (Socks knitted in a Fibonacci sequence) Knit Pythagorean Triangles Hat (A hat made up of Pythagorean right triangles, right down to the decreases.)

*Note: Some of these patterns require a Ravelry account. Make sure you are signed up or create a free account to access.


As a bonus, here is a pie beret of my own design using Vanna’s Choice in Cranberry and Honey. It was completed in time for this holiday – a happy accident!

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