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6 Fears That Keep Every Knitter and Crocheter Up at Night

Ghouls and goblins have got nothing on... dropped stitches?! We know what's really scaring you this Halloween; Brand Ambassador Shira Blumenthal spins a spooky web of a tale in the video below!

:: Can't see the video above? Click here to watch - https://youtu.be/Yk7OaCDFFxM :: 

Happy Halloween, from all of us here at Lion Brand®!

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  • Lady Griffith

    Cute video! Got a fix for most of your woes, tho--switch to acrylic yarn!!

  • bpaine

    soooooo true!

  • dianeth

    Except for Fear 7: Finding out that the yarn you thought was wool is actually acrylic!

  • kodster

    I can think of a couple of others... the snarled knot of yarn you find within a skein of yarn... finding out that you messed up your pattern several rows back, and it's an intricate cable pattern!