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6 Fast Finish Gifts for Valentine’s Day

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6 Fast Finish Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Here at Lion Brand, we’ve always pictured Valentine’s Day as a day to express the love you have for others and nothing says that more than with a handmade gift. Send a card with a crocheted rose applique, knit your cherished friend a scarf in their favorite colors or make a sweater for your beloved pet.

Check out some of our ideas below — show how much you appreciate your special someone:

Valentine's Day Mittens Valentine's Day Mittens Flower Hair Accessories.
Give these hugs and kisses badge pins to your best friend(s) for life. Red and white knit mittens are made for little ones who need a little love to warm them up. Make hair clips, pins
or a bouquet of roses for
that special someone.
Crochet Bon Bon Magnets Crochet Lorelei the Lady Bug Knit and Crochet Cupcakes
These Bon Bon Magnets
make great gifts
without the calories.
Crochet this ladybug
for the special lovebug
in your life.
Decorate a small jewelry box or candy favor with this knit and crochet cupcake.

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