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6 Easy-to-Make DIY Hair Ties

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6 Easy-to-Make DIY Hair Ties

Hair Ties for Any Occasion!Making your own hair ties is a great way to get creative with your favorite yarns, colors and textures. It’s a wonderful way to try out new yarns, or to use up scraps. Your finished decorated hair ties make excellent gifts for girls sports teams, clubs, girl scout troops, or you can make them as party favors (and don’t forget to make a few for yourself while you’re at it)!

First, check out these step-by-step instructions with pictures we wrote on how to create your own crocheted hair tie. In this post, I’ll show you how to expand on those basic instructions to create a variety of looks by using different textures, colors and techniques.

Here are some inventive variations you can crochet to make your hair ties (or those you are make for others) extra special!

The Sparkling, Fluffy Hair Tie

Technique: Add a second yarn in a new texture for a stunning visual impact
Yarn Used: Vanna’s Choice and Martha Stewart Crafts Glitter Eyelash

Get this look by using a straight yarn like Vanna’s Choice for the first round in double crochet, and used a strand of Martha Stewart Crafts Glitter Eyelash to create a border! Once you’ve completed the first round, join the second yarn and make one single crochet stitch loosely into each stitch and chain-1 space. If you find your stitches are tighter than you’d like, single crochet into each stitch but chain one stitch in between, to add more give to the finished project.

The Glimmering Hair Tie

Technique: Add a hint of sparkle to a smaller ruffled hair tie
Yarn Used: Vanna’s Glamour

You can also add a little sparkle to your pony tail with Vanna’s Glamour – simply work the pattern in your favorite shade, and a smaller ruffle will show off a hint of color and glimmer in your hair.

The Textured, Color-Changing Hair Tie

Technique: Use a textured, color-changing yarn for a colorful project
Yarn Used: Amazing

Love the look of changing colors? Use a self-striping yarn to create variation in the color of your hair tie! I used Amazing for this project, and the tones and halo of the yarn looks beautiful in this simple design.

The Multi-Colored Spirit Hair Tie

Technique: Hold colors together for a multi-colored look
Yarn Used: Vanna’s Glamour

Use more than one color held together to show your team or school spirit! This is a great way to incorporate school or team colors into a group of hair ties, making them particularly great gifts for sports teams and fans. Simply hold strands of different shades together while you work to get this almost tweedy look in your hair tie. I went with red white and blue Vanna’s Glamour for this example, and love the look!

The Striped Team Colors Hair Tie

Technique: Add a stripe for a bold color change
Yarn Used: Vanna’s Choice

If you prefer stripes, add a second row to your project in an alternate color! For this hair tie,  crochet the first round as instructed, then join the new color to your project and chain 1. Single crochet loosely into every stitch all the way around and you’ll get a full ruffle with a thin stripe like this one!

The Lacy-Edged Hair Tie

Technique: Add an edging to create texture
Yarn Used: Cotton-Ease

There are many different patterns for crocheted trims that can be added to a hair tie. If you’re looking for something special, check out the many trims on our Stitch Finder.  For the loopy, picot-look edging in this example, complete the first round and the chain 5 stitches. Slip stitch into the first of your 5 chains,  creating the first loop. Single crochet into the next chain 1 space, then slip stitch into the next double crochet, chain 5, and slip stitch into the same double crochet. Repeat this pattern all the way around, and fasten off.

I love finding new ways to play with my favorite yarns, and I hope you’ll enjoy making these as much as I did!

How do you get creative with small amounts of yarn? What are your favorite textures to work with? Leave a comment to share!

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