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5 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Yarn

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5 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Yarn

Decorating with yarn is fun and easy!  No matter what style your home is decorated in, homemade items add a special touch.  Whether you follow patterns or create your own designs to match your decor, here are 5 great ideas for decorating your home.

1. Pillows: You can never have too many throw pillows!  Pillows are fun to make and easy to customize– just switch up the stitch pattern and colors for a different style.  You can also get creative and whimsical with pillows for kids’ rooms, like the Amigurumi Elephant Pillow above.

2. Vases: Whether you cover a vase in knit or crochet, or even just wrap it in yarn, a  cozied vase is unique and beautiful.  You can create vase cozies for special events, or have everyday vases that brighten up your home.

3. Frames: You can make pictures frames by wrapping a wooden frame with yarn, or you can frame knit or crocheted pieces to hang on your wall, using our Jewelry Frames as a guide.  There is no limit to the colors and stitch patterns  you can use to make this the perfect decoration for your home.

4. Coasters: Coasters don’t just keep water rings off the wood; they add to a simple coffee table or end table.  Choose any shape you want, and simply knit or crochet it densely to make sure it protects your furniture.

5. Table Runners: You can make a beautiful seasonal table runner, or make a simple strip to match your dining room decor.  Whether you knit, crochet, or weave one, use colors that pull everything together to bring your dining room to the next level.

All of these decor items are also great for the holidays.  Make them in holiday colors or patterns and use them every year to celebrate the season.

How do you use yarn to decorate your home?

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  • Put a ball of yarn on the floor and let the four cats have a blast. That was an instance of unintentional yarn decorating.

  • What a decorative steps you have share. Let me try for my Sweet Home. Thanks for sharing.

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