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Learn To Knit: 5 References That Will Get You Started Stitching!

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Learn To Knit: 5 References That Will Get You Started Stitching!

There’s an abundance of information out there on the Internet and that includes plenty of references for knitting as well. However, that doesn’t always mean that finding what you’re looking for is easy, so we’ve done a little detective work for you. Below is a list of sources for tutorials and videos that will get you started knitting.

1- Learn To Knit With Sewrella

If you receive Lion Brand’s Weekly Stitch or New Patterns Alert than you’ve definitely seen Sewrella’s kits make an appearance. Recently she published a learn to knit kit using Lion Brand’s Color Made Easy® yarn. You’ll learn the basics (cast on, bind off, & garter stitch) and end up with a scarf at the end!




Knitting Help has a wealth of information gathered under one website. Newbies and advanced knitters alike can find reference videos here for stitches and techniques. They also have an abbreviations glossary than comes in handy for a quick reference. You might want to bookmark this page!


3- Craft Yarn Council

The Craft Yarn Council has a well-organized section of both knit and crochet basics. The written tutorials are straightforward. Although the getting started information here might seem limited, you will want to bookmark this site. It’s a great reference for yarn standards like body measurements and yarn weights.


4- Very Pink has a knitting video library that consists of basic stitches (slowed down!), techniques, and pattern tutorials. This will help you get started and then offer some next step patterns to try out.



Of course Lion Brand also has a collection of how-to videos, an abbreviations glossary, stitch finder, and a full YouTube channel of fun & informative videos!

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  • Thanks for the information ! I’m 64 and disabled so picture me learning to knit. It took me over 30 years to learn to crochet – it was an on off frustrating affair but I learned . I see so many beautiful knitted things – some are just ABSOLUTELY STUNNING so I’m again determined ! Have a Blessed week ! Be happy happy happy !

  • Great resources! Thanks for putting together!

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