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5 Trends You’ll Find in this New Fall Collection

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5 Trends You’ll Find in this New Fall Collection

As soon as the weather changes, it’s time to embrace all the fun new trends Fall has in store. When it comes to trend-forecasting, it’s always a surprise what will rise to popularity this year. Thankfully, there’s one designer we can count on to give a nod to the trends while maintaining elegance – Two of Wands. We’ve assembled this list of 5 of the hottest trends you can find in Two of Wands new Fall collection, to keep your crafting on point. So you can either choose the trend that speaks to you, or choose your project and maybe learn something new about your style. From soft accessories to of-the-moment motifs, we’ve got you covered.

Trend-Spotting: Two of Wands New Fall Collection

1. Over-Sized Layers

New Fall Collection

Tribeca Trench Coat (Crochet)

While over-sized sweaters have been in our consciousness for a few seasons now, there’s something special about the Tribeca Trench Coat (Crochet) from Two of Wands. This crocheted jacket captures the coziness of the over-sized trend while maintaining the clean lines of a stylish fall trench. If you’ve spent time on the streets of a big city these last few weeks (say, New York), then you’ve seen countless takes on the trim sweater coat – a trench / blazer hybrid, typically knit. The belted silhouette is also having a moment right now, so you’ll be trending in more ways than one.

2. The Perfect Fall Tote

New Fall Collection

Red Hook Afternoon Shoulder Bag (Crochet)

No new Fall collection would be complete without the perfect seasonal tote, and we think the Red Hook Afternoon Shoulder Bag (Crochet) fits the bill. The trends this year for totes include the slouchy shoulder bag, and the bucket tote, both of which you’ll find in this pattern. It’s also that dreamy slate-y grey that just goes with everything, so no matter what outfit of the day you have planned, this tote will complete it. In addition, the stream-lined arm hole elevates the overall look of this tote and ensures it will work with even your most stylish fall jackets.

3. Rustic Minimalism

New Fall Collection

Evening in the Village Turtleneck (Knit)

Another garment trend peaking this season is a riff on Hygge, the Danish obsession with all things cozy. But this year, rustic comfort goes minimal. Instead of over-stuffed pillows and massive arm-knit throws, we’re taking those principles of function & feel and simplifying. The silhouette of the Evening in the Village Turtleneck (Knit) is exactly the right idea. While it has that quintessential Hygge cream tone, the volume is toned down and the beauty is in the details. Minimalism has been growing as a movement and state of mind, so it’s only fitting that it’s making its way into our wardrobes as well. One advantage to embracing this style is that the outcomes are often timeless.

4. Soft Accessories

New Fall Collection

Snowfall on the Bowery Wrap (Crochet)

One of the best ways to embrace the dropping temperatures is to craft the proper gear. Soft and cozy accessories not only spice up your look for the new year, but also signal quality crafting time. The Snowfall on the Bowery Wrap (Crochet) will definitely help you move from dread to delight. This open-weave pattern offsets the warming power of our Wool-Ease Yarn, so you can relish wrapping multiple layers without too much bulk. Another popular trend this wrap is capturing is the popularity of winter white. While it can be tough to maintain for everyday garments that endure a lot of handling (like your coat or mittens), it’s ideal for occasional accessories.

5. Novelty Knits

We often think of ‘novelty’ as the stuff of an annual Ugly Sweater Party, bright colors, funky details, or comically out-dated styles. But in this case, novelty is more about unique visual interest than garish sight gags. These two cape styles master this fetching sense of novelty in different ways. The Cobble Hill Morning Cape (Knit) is a little bit of everything we like. Slightly over-sized, with a statement-making square silhouette, it’s a piece you’ll be surprised to find goes with everything. Then there’s the color details at the edging, and lining the funky chunky pockets. Finally, a tasseled faux-scarf is attached, tying the whole look together. By contrast, the Alphabet City Cape Scarf (Knit) is novelty in more familiar ways. Extra-big means extra-cozy, and the palette of blue-grey neutrals is extremely chic.

Find Your Fall Trends with Two of Wands

Whichever trend you’re taken with this season, find the perfect expression in this new Fall collection. Whether you’re drawn to shapes or intrigued by color, Two of Wands imagines a dreamy collection of patterns to explore. Which Fall trend is your favorite? Let us know in the comments if you’ll be tapping into these trends with one of these projects.

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  • Where would I find the evening in the village turtleneck sweater pattern?

    • Hi, Jo – we love that one! The collection went live today, so we just added links to the blog. Enjoy!

  • How do I find the pattern for the “red hook shoulder bag”? I cannot seem to access it on the lion brand website

    • Hi, Pat! The collection just went live today, so we’ve added links to the blog. Let us know if you have any trouble finding it now!

  • I would like to know how to get to the pattern for Evening in the village turtleneck, please

    • Hi, Juel! We just added a link to the blog. Enjoy!

  • To Jo and Pat-There are kits available for purchase on the Two of Wands website, If you look at the photos of the garments and other projects, you will be able to recognize some Lion Brand yarns like Wool-Ease Thick & Quick, Shawl in a Ball, etc. You can click on a garment to get further information about a kit. When I tried that there was a link that took me to the Lion Brand website to purchase the kit. Hope this helps!

    • Thanks for sharing, Elaine! The collection just went live today, so we’ve added our own links to the blog now. 🙂

  • I’m not able to find the pattern for the “red hook shoulder bag”” anywhere on the site. How and where can I go to find it?

    • Hi, Gloria! We just went live with the collection today, so you’ll see links in the blog now. Let us know if you have any trouble!

  • It would be nice to have links to these patterns.

    • Hi, LuAnne! The collection just went live today, so links are available & have been added. Enjoy!

  • I think you can get the patterns once the Fall Collection is released in a couple of days.

    • How right you are, Kristen. 🙂 Links have been added!

  • Cobble Hill Cape where to I find it.

    • Hi, Patricia! We just added a link to the blog. Happy crafting!

  • Where would I find pattern for Cobble Hill Cape?

    • Hi, Roberta! The collection just went live today, so we’ve added links to the blog. Let us know if you have any more questions!

  • If you go to the Lion Brand site, go to patterns, and type in Evening in the Village turtleneck pattern the downloadable pattern and other supplies are shown.

    • Thanks, Bettie! The collection went live today, so we’ve added links to the blog, now.

  • Can’t find the pattern for the Tribeca Trench on Two of Wand’s site. Is the pattern even available to purchase?

    • Hi, Christine! The collection went live today, so you’ll see links in the blog now. Happy crocheting!

  • I would like to order the kit for the Cobble Hill Morning Cape but can’t seem to find the right size circular needle ( Size 15 /10mm/ 60” ) that I need, but isn’t included in the kit? Where would I get this please?

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