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5 Tips on How to Wear Summer Brights

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5 Tips on How to Wear Summer Brights

The hot summer breeze and sunshine always makes me crave bright clothes that remind me of Miami art deco or fresh flowers at the farmers market. If you like the look of summery shades like coral and teal, but you’re not sure how to best incorporate them into your wardrobe, here are a few of my favorite tips:

Focus on One Statement Piece

Make a gorgeous top like our Tiger Lily Tank (shown right) and then keep the rest of your outfit simple. Pair it with a khaki pencil skirt, espadrilles, and some subtle gold earrings and be on your way. Alternately, focus on an accessory piece like a loose, lace tam or a light shawl to add just a touch of color to your outfit.

The tank is made in cool & silky LB Collection Cotton Bamboo; here are some of my favorite summer shades:

LB Collection Cotton Bamboo: Persimmon LB Collection Cotton Bamboo: Hibiscus LB Collection Cotton Bamboo: Gardenia LB Collection Cotton Bamboo: Snapdragon
Persimmon Hibiscus Gardenia Snapdragon

Have Fun: Mix and Match

Pair navy with a bright grass green or cherry red with turquoise blue in one project. A brighter shade will balance a more classic shade and inject a little fun.

A great yarn to mix and match is with Kitchen Cotton, which comes in wonderful, retro shades. Here are a few that I particularly like:

Kitchen Cotton: Hot Pepper Kitchen Cotton: Pumpkin Kitchen Cotton: Citrus Kitchen Cotton: Kiwi Kitchen Cotton: Tropic Breeze
Hot Pepper Pumpkin Citrus Kiwi Tropic Breeze

Not Ready for an Entire Item? Embellish!

Add a contrast trim to the collar of your knit or crochet summer tee in a sea-glass blue-green. Make a patch pocket in a rich tropical-ocean blue. A little embellishment can go a long way! Try one of these Bonbons multi-packs for lots of colors to play with:

Bonbons: Brights Bonbons: Beach Bonbons: Celebrate
Brights Beach Celebrate

Go for a Tweedy or Heathered Shade

If you don’t like to wear bright solid colors, try making a project in a tweedy or heathered yarn. The additional color within the yarn will soften the look of even the brightest hues. A great example is our Recycled Cottonhere just a few of its summery shades:

Recycled Cotton: Marine Recycled Cotton: Seagrass Recycled Cotton: Rose Coral Recycled Cotton: Sunshine
Marine Seagrass Rose Coral Sunshine

Add Contrast to a Richer, Deeper Colors

If you’re more of a “winter” or “fall” person, in terms of colors, you might be nervous about brights because you find jewel tones more flattering on you. No worries–simply pair deeper colors with their opposites on the color wheel. A rich purple dress will look wonderful with a citrusy yellow shawl in LB Collection Silk Mohair. Pair your favorite navy skirt with a shrug in Vanna’s Glamour in Bronze. They will add just a little bit more energy to your outfit, but without being overwhelming!

Those are just a few of my favorite tips, but as always, we’d love to hear from you. What are your favorite summer colors and how do you like to wear them?

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