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5 Tips on Crafting for Men from YarnCraft Episode #41

On YarnCraft's latest episode (Crafting Confessional: Stories, Tips, and Projects from Men Who YarnCraft), we ask the guys what they make, what they'd like others to make for them, and to share their funny and interesting stories (from where they yarncraft to how they got started to their secret yarncrafting behaviors). It's a great episode that's sure to make you smile.

With Father's Day coming up, here are 5 great tips for making gifts for men from the episode:

  1. Look to his wardrobe. If he doesn't wear red, chances are a red scarf is not the way to go. If in doubt about color, go with neutrals like blacks, grays, and browns.
  2. Think texture. Instead of opting for items with a lot of colors, look to interesting stitch patterns and cables to give your project interest. Go to the episode guide from this episode for a list of great patterns including some wonderfully textured scarves and sweaters.
  3. Get cozy. When it comes to non-clothing items, think comfort and relaxation. Blankets are a great item for men, especially big, comfortable ones like our 5 1/2 hour and 6 hour throws. Other great items include drink cozies and remote caddies -- all great items to get comfy on the couch or in the den.
  4. Check the size. Many of the sweaters (especially our classic aran sweaters) on are unisex -- when in doubt, check the chest size. If the sweater's small size is a 38" (or larger) chest size, it's most likely man-friendly.
  5. Ask him! See what things your guy needs. He may give you some great ideas from shoe bags to golf-club holders to desk organizers to slippers. There are so many ways to incorporate your yarncrafting into your gift-making!

For even more ideas, great stories from our male listeners, and so much more, click here to listen to this episode [MP3].

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