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5 Tips for Easy Embellishment to Make Any Project Your Own!

There are plenty of simple, beautiful ways to personalize your yarn crafting, even if you are a true beginner! Here's our top five list:

Embroidery: Adding personal details like names or initials with embroidery is an easy way to make simple baby blankets or ring-bearer pillows into a priceless family heirlooms! Check out our step-by-step guides to the duplicate stitch and embroidered french knots for tips.

Trims & Fringe: You can add these to any project that has an edge! Here's one easy method for adding fringe, and try our stitch finder for great trim-speration!

Appliques: Knit patch pockets or these crochet rosettes can be made separately, and added to a finished sweater or purse. Appliques can be felted too, like these felted flowers!

Colors: Adding stripes of color or holding two colored yarns together brightens up any pattern, especially when those colors mean something important, like a favorite school or sports team (Hometown USA is designed to match school & team colors!).

Textures: A simple hat or scarf is transformed when you add a new stitch pattern or hold together yarns of different texture; why not add some variety?

Tassels, pom-poms, beading, the sky is the limit! Even the simplest blanket or shawl pattern can become an intricate, personal work of art with a little embellishment.

What are your favorite things to add to a project? How do you like to make a pattern your own?

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