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5 Podcasts We Love!

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5 Podcasts We Love!

SwatchesCrafters everywhere know the importance of being focused while you work – but many of us like to have a little something interesting on in the background. Podcasts are a great source of entertainment, and can even help you with your crafting!

One of the many free goodies on the Lion Brand website is our free podcast series, YarnCraft. This podcast is updated with new episodes every two weeks and is chock full of interviews, projects, tips and tricks for enjoying your crafting life.  Here are five more great podcasts about crafting with yarn! [As always, highlighted text is clickable.]

Just One More Row
Cohosts Brittany and Dana talk about patterns they love, projects they’re working on and upcoming contests  in this friendly, conversational podcast. Both of these Tennessee ladies knit, but Brittany also spins and Dana is a long time crocheter. They post great notes for each episode and include links to the patterns and websites they mention, in case you want to catch up and make one of the many projects they talk about on the show!

This podcast is a great resource for book lovers, crafters, and those who wish they could read while working with yarn. Each episode begins with a portion of crafting discussion before diving into classic literature. The host of this podcast is a knitter, crocheter, spinner and English teacher! She tailors each episode to the interests of crafters and those who love classic books or want to read them for the first time.

Stash and Burn
A popular favorite, Nicole and Jenny of Stash and Burn talk about projects they are working on and living “Life Under the Weight of the Stash”. These two focus mostly on knitted projects, but take time out to review techniques and books. Conversations can wander from topic to topic, but always come around back to fiber arts and patterns they love!

Stitch It
Meghan of Stitch It tells great stories about motherhood, balancing a busy life and, of course, crafting. A busy fiber lover, she works with knitting and crochet as well as spinning and dyeing. Her episodes cover many different topics, but are full of interesting stories and plenty of fiber fun.

The Knit Girllls
Watching this conversational video podcast is like inviting co-hosts Leslie and Laura over for some quality stitching time together. The two ladies show off their work and finished projects, talk about patterns and announce new giveaways!

These are just some of the many great podcasts on crafting with yarn, and each can be found through these links or on iTunes. Did we mention your favorite?

Leave a comment to tell us about a crafting podcast you love and what you love about it!

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  • Martine at iMake almost always has some knitting talk, along with another craft or two and often a segment about her home, Guernsey. And I love her voice 😉

  • Thanks so much for having us on your top 5 list.  We are so flattered to be there!  Much squealing has occured at Chez Knitgirllls today!

  • I enjoy Round The Twist With Carin.  I find her very inspirational.  I learned to spin because of how enjoyable she protrayed it to be.  I have also knit several projects after watching her progress on the same knitted items.

  • Thanks so much for listing my & Brittany’s podcast, Just One More Row!  I’m actually a spinner as well… I helped to teach Brittany. 🙂  Thanks for mentioning us, we definitely appreciate it!

  • Thanks for listing our podcast! Y’all made my (and Dana’s) whole week!! I’m flattered to be mentioned among all these other fabulous podcasts.

  • What a great roundup of resources!

  • Thanks for mentioning our podcast! I grateful to have such amazing company on this list. Fiber podcasts are the best!

  • I love the Knitmore Girls podcast. Gigi and Jasmine are a mother daughter team and do a wonderful job educating me about knitting as well as entertaining me.

  • I would also recommend Getting Loopy – an all-crochet weekly podcast hosted by Mary Beth Temple and Ready, Set, Knit – a yarn friendly podcast hosted by Kathy and Steve from WEBS.

  • I’d like to recommend the Savvy Girls Podcast. It’s a mix of knitting, travel and general chatter between two sisters, and they are lots of fun.

  • What I’d really love is to find a podcast that dealt with men who knit or crochet (I knit).  Hard to find stuff like that.

  • Cool!  I’m anxious to try out some of these podcasts.  I’m already a fan of Stash and Burn and would like to bring Knitting Pipeline to your attention.  Paula is a prolific and talented knitter (she’s been to Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitting Camp a few times and had a personal correspondence with her–she’s read some of the letters to us) and she plays the bagpipes.  Her podcast was recently listed in iTunes’ “What’s Hot”

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