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5 Podcasts on How to De-Stress & Get Motivated When Knitting or Crocheting

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5 Podcasts on How to De-Stress & Get Motivated When Knitting or Crocheting

5 Podcasts on How to De-Stress & Get Motivated When Knitting & CrochetingFor knitters & crocheters, sometimes it can feel stressful when you’re trying to finish a project and it’s slow going. However, it’s important to keep in mind the idea that knitting and crocheting are hobbies that are meant to be enjoyed for the journey, and not just for the end result.

To help you keep that in mind, here are 5 segments from our radio-style podcast, YarnCraft, all about de-stressing when you’re working on a particularly taxing project OR getting motivated when you’re feeling stuck on a project.

Click through the links below to read the episode guide and click on the “play” arrow to listen to the episode (or download it to your computer using the link).

De-Stress with Episode 105 – Fast forward to 31:43 to listen to our “Stash This: Ideas for Your Crafting Life” segment all about de-stressing during the busy holiday gift-making season. These tips are definitely useful year-round!

Get Reinvigorated with Episode 91 – This episode, entitled “5 Ways to Stay Motivated Knitting & Crocheting This Summer,” highlights just that. Get inspired and reinvigorated in your knitting and crocheting, when you’re feeling like you’re stuck in a rut. Fast forward to 12:09 if you want to listen to just that segment.

Take a Moment with Episode 30 – In another “Stash This” segment (at 26:48 in the episode), learn useful ways to take a step back from your knit & crochet projects when you need a moment to gather your thoughts and tackle that next big step, whether it’s ripping back or starting a particularly challenging stitch chart.

Create the Right Environment with Episode 22 – Finding your zen place when yarncrafting is sometimes about creating the right environment. Learn what makes a good crafting space in this episode. Skip to 4:32 if you want to listen to just this segment.

Support Your Hands with Episode 9 – In this early episode, Liz & I share tips for supporting your hands and wrists while yarncrafting, as well as soothing, simple pattern-recommendations that are just right for those times you want a relaxing project to work on. Hop over to 23:48 for this “Stash This” segment.

If you like these segments, subscribe to YarnCraft here or find us on iTunes! We come out with a new episode, every two weeks!

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  • Super smart roundup of great crochet/ knit de-stress tips!

  • Sorry, I use crocheting to de-stress, so I don’t have that particular problem.  Mine is getting requests, and not having time to crochet something I want–however, the satisfaction I get when making for someone else cancels that our pretty well.

  • really i love this….. its a fantastic….

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